… to myself 15 years ago?

It is an interesting premise… granted I am not usually impressed with modern songs, since there are little by way of surprises. However, the lyrics to Tegami by Angela Aki stirs up an interesting premise that is of course hypothetical: what would a conversation with your younger (or even older) self be, if you could have it?

There are many things in retrospect which were foolish (and even some may put it as stupid) and the temptation would be to warn the recipient self, but would we really learn from what is avoided? Of course, there are no ways to bend time and space to inject a future thought to the past… nevertheless, it is important to reflect upon what we have learnt and what it could have mean to our younger/older self.

Certainly I would want to question my older self, as to how he managed to go through the next 15 years. I would want to know what are the heartaches (to prepare myself) and also the sweet portions of that journey. We are just so fearful of the future that is not that clear in our eyes. Man may plan, of course, but it is God who decides. Humbling notion indeed that we really have nothing to rely on except upon the regulation of our Creator.

Why fight over the fallible and release our grip on the unchanging eternal?

Would I tell my younger self to trust himself (as in the music Tegami?) in spite of what comes? I would think not, knowing that it is always because of self that brings trouble upon self. Rather, my advice would be – submit to the Lord in all our ways, and He will make it straight. It is better to plead upon the grace and mercy of our Lord than to submit to the fickleness and temporal sight of our own.

Preaching to one self is never easy, especially if we have never done so in the light of the Word. Sure we preach constantly the desires of self, but it is the Word that strikes home and exposes what man truly is composed and made up of.

May God have mercy on us. He who is the master of Past, Present and Future, is the only who knows what is the best. May He provide us with much grace which brings boldness in our pitiful life.


2 thoughts on “… to myself 15 years ago?

  1. I am glad that I dropped by your blog today .. needed to hear and be reminded of His goodness, grace and mercy….. to be reminded that this life is not my own but it has been bought with a price and it belongs to God alone. Been drifting away from Him for some time now. It helps to look back at my life and see how far He has brought me. He has been faithful even when I was unfaithful.

    Keep on sharing buddy. Take care and God bless.

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