An Interlude: User Feedback on CSL Spice Mi700 DroidPad

I am want to finish up my extensive review on the Mi700. I would like to get some real consumer feedback on the device before writing the closing conclusions on this. I need your help (especially those who bought the phone/tablet). Even if you did not buy the product, I would appreciate your feedback on the product:

Those who bought:
1) Are you happy with the product?
2) Do you think it was worth your money?
3) What do you wish CSL would change in the product?

Those who did not buy:
1) What was the dealbreaker for you?
2) What could CSL change to make you buy the product?

Thank you. Acknowledgement will be given to those who have given constructive feedback on this matter.



8 thoughts on “An Interlude: User Feedback on CSL Spice Mi700 DroidPad

  1. Hi Erlern,
    When I cud not buy Mi700 at Subang Parade outlet 2 week ago due to out of stock, i went to Klang, Jalan Goh Hock Huat. There too I was told to go to Bandar Baru Klang to get one. I did not go there, instead went window shopping at nearby (Jalan Goh HocK Huat).
    Suddenly I saw an Ipad displayed at a mobile telephone outlet. Asked the sales assistant, yes, they are ready stock but to collect next day.
    I end up buying one. The price for 3G/Wifi 32G model is RM2990.
    I end up a happy customer of an Ipad.
    I still interested on Mi700 because it have Mapking GPS.
    Also, If I decide to buy one (Mi700), it is because I want it for my wife (so she will not take my Ipad away) as she always wanted to…

  2. mi700 dealbreaker

    * dont have standard android UI ;
    * can’t play 700 avi movie file ;
    * resolution not sufficient ;
    * back camera no flash ;
    * no standard USB port ;
    * no back camera flash ;
    * RAM / ROM too small ;
    * dont like custom UI ;
    * processor too slow ;
    * speakers too soft ;
    * no front camera ;

    • CSL still can improve the mi700 with stereo speakers, high-end spec like samsung galaxy Tab,more sensitive touch screen like iphone (for future Android OS version upgrade), and with cheaper price for malaysian buyer :).

  3. Processor should have been 1Ghz.
    Resolution a bit low 800 x4 480.
    Should include better quality LCD.
    Overall design could be better for portrait.
    Design should be slimmer, and forget about metal.
    Bluetooth connection/audio for headset not smooth (crackling sound, and delay of transferring calls to bluetooth headset).
    virtual keyboard a bit hard to use.

  4. @ taib, I thought I see MI700 have one front camera.

    I’ve bought one, hope they can improve much of these :

    Major Stuff
    *1 GH A8 Processor or Tegra cpu at least.
    *Need more internal storage, 16GB At least.
    *Flash for back camera, LED Flash at least.
    *Design Wise is OK, but hoping for slimmer version.
    *Standard USB port might useful, two port at lest.
    *Longer Battery Life expected, 8 Hours talk time/WiFi at least.
    *Working Video Calls of Fring or Skype.
    *Improved custom UI.

  5. dude,
    your review was the deal maker. whatever shorfalls have been overshadowed by what can be done to fix those shortfalls. bought mine after 2 days of mulling and skulking in the forums trawling for info.
    Here’s a list of what sealed my deal in reinforced concrete:
    2 pcs screen protector. (ever try buying a screen protector for a non-mainstream-cult touch phone in a small town?)
    1 pc protective case cum stand. (brainy piece of kit, i must say)

    but really, The build quality has made an impact on my senses when i first had a feel of a live unit in my hands. (the term creme in ur pants gives a fair indication of my reponse?)

    Quoting Will Smith in Independece day “I HAVE GOTTA GET ME ONE OF THESE”

    So I went and spent my retirement funds on one of those “infernal machines” as my old ball and chain would put it.

    What I have done so far.
    Rooted….(insert evil laugh here)
    Removed system apps.
    Moved almost all apps to SD
    Installed launcherpro and other misc. junkware.

    works in progress:
    papago x5

    btw, Mapking works only if you reinstall the apk from the included OEM SD card’s Mapking directory. Just as well I had a spare 8gb handy and kept the 4gb stored. I might have trashed the 4gb without realising that gold was on it.

    Battery life on flight mode gives me a full day’s poking at the screen.

    My wishlist?
    Garmin XT
    Pocket Informant PPC ver.
    More on board storage.
    Silicon/aluminium bumper sleeve.

    I am good to go.
    The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.(because He has graced me with RM1500 in the bank to scratch an itch) 🙂

  6. hi guys,

    is there any way i can use the front facing camera while using fring for video calls?
    so far no luck even with help from csl customer sSrvice…..

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