Rooting Mi700 DroidPad – Simple Steps

Okay, the best way to fully utilise an Android device is when we (the users) have the choice of customising whatever we want on it. We now have the way to do this.

Rooting the Mi700 DroidPad

Thanks to “Abasir” for the instructions. He posted the instructions originally at I modified and added some stuff just to make it bit more clear and helpful.

1. Download the file “” from Extract the zip file out into a folder.

2. Replace the adb.exe from SuperOneClick with the adb.exe from the Mi700 CDROM (this is the virtual drive created when you connect your data cable to windows).

3. Run SuperOneClick > and then click “Root“… it will hang after completing a few tasks. Do not worry. Exit the program.

4. Run the same program again… Click “Root” again and this time, it will finish the process and it would show that the Mi700 is ROOTED.

5. Install the ADB drivers from the CD ROM Drive that is specifically created when you plug the Mi700 to your desktop. Either double click on the drive to enter setup or using Windows Explorer, click on “Setup.exe”.

6. Open a command prompt from windows, go to your adb directory.
[For those who have used ADB on other Android devices and have installed AndroidSDK]

Usually, it will be c:/AndroidSDK/Android-Sdk-windows/tools  (For further instructions on ADB (Android Debug Bridge), you can read this:

[For those who are using ADB for the first time]
Open Command Prompt (Start > Run > Type “CMD”, and press Enter). Then go to the directory where you extracted the zip file in step 1.

E.g. C:\Users\[your username]\Desktop\SuperOneClickv1.4-ShortFuse

7. Come out of the command prompt window and Copy the file “su” (there is no file extension) from where you extracted and put it into your “c:/AndroidSDK/Android-Sdk-windows/tools” folder (if you have AndroidSDK), if not, put it in the same folder as the SuperOneClick extracted file.

8. In your command prompt from step 6, type:

adb push su /system/bin

and the file will be copied to your device.

9. If you had no problems pushing (copying the file) then go straight to step 9. If you get “read-only file system” error. Type the following from the command prompt.

adb shell mount -oremount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system

10. Important last step… you need to change the permission of the file so that you do not lose the root.


adb shell

and a # prompt will appear. Type the following:

chmod 4755 /system/bin/su

and you are done!

This was discussed and found solely by Malaysians. Malaysia boleh! 😛


26 thoughts on “Rooting Mi700 DroidPad – Simple Steps

    • The answer is yes and no. Yes, we can get support for Flash 10.1 if we are super developers with very good hacking skills. No, because we are most likely not 😛

      Rooting refers to “Root access”, a term used in Linux usage. With it, you get permission to change anything on your device. Which allows for freedom use of your device, and bad, if anyone malicious passes you a bad code/program.

      • Ok thanks.
        I just complete the MI700 rooting by following the guide you provided. 🙂
        Can we switch on and off rooting? because I am afraid that you said anyone could send bad program after rooting.

    • There is no simple way of switching root on and off. The bad side of rooting would happen if you simply download any applications and use without discernment. If you practice more vigilance, it should not be a problem.

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    • Rooting refers to gaining “Root access” from the device. It is a linux jargon that refers to the ability to access system specific files… i.e. to change things to our liking. Btw, can I advice you not to buy Mi700… unless it cost RM700. There are better options coming out soon. Plus, you will get no customer support. Better rethink.

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  3. hi there, I just bought this droidpad to learn how to root android. one problem is, I don’t have the cd as you mention in your post. is there any way I can root this device without using cd? thanks.

    • Hi there, The so called CD-ROM is a virtual drive created when you connect your Mi700 via USB to your PC. And inside there are the files mentioned.

      • Thanks man, One more problem. Once I clicked Root, it run smooth until getting the mount path and stay there. What did I do wrong? thanks man..

  4. Tried the method… It keeps hanging at step #3 and states that the pad should restart within 1 – 2 seconds. It just hangs there and nothing else. If I exit the program, I get a warning that my device is OS 2.0. Clicking yes or no yield the same result, that is the device does not respond and I should try rebooting it.

    A reboot sees the task going to Step #5 and hangs there again. It doesn’t work. Please help…

  5. tablet aku bleh on tapi window tak keluar sampai sudah………bla on power asyik keluar CSL welcome note.sampai bateri kong yang tu je kluar..korang tahu tak mcm mana nk buat?mcm mana nak rooting kalau window pun xkeluar..

  6. whats the meaning of “power on with pressing the Volume_Down keys to leave Auto-FTM”..i have tried many time with pressed that button but…nothing appear!!please help me!pleassssssssseeeeeeeee….

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