Full Review of CSL Spice Mi700 DroidPad – Coming Right Up!

I will be doing a mega detail review of the DroidPad Mi700 when I get the review unit (God willing) on Monday, 4th of October 2010. I hope to be covering many aspects that I am interested in, especially from a developer’s standpoint and a flash-crazy Android freak view point. Of course, there will be the common angles which I hope to be impartial on (‘hope’… notice that word there :P). Anyway, there seems to be many positive responses so far from the release of the product. My simple post on the unit has garnered over 1,200 views, with no signs of let up. Thanks to Carrypad and Mytechnews for the coverage! Seriously, I am not into any commercial aspect of this. As you can note, this is purely my ‘hobby’ and ‘interest’.

Go Android! 😛 Ahem…

Anyway… we’ll wait and see for the unit! Yay!


13 thoughts on “Full Review of CSL Spice Mi700 DroidPad – Coming Right Up!

    • Of course it’s possible… it is not due to chipset limitation at all. Remember that Mi700 shares the same chipset as Aria and Legend. We just need some Android developers on the device.

      • great…looking forward for your full review on Monday.

        I have tested the unit yesterday and really surprise by its good solid build quality and acceptable web browsing speed and responsive capacitive screen.
        Hopefully CSL will have an update soon to make it even better.

        In fact, I intend to get the unit by next week and hopefully someday there will some developers out there could also can develop some custom ROM for it.

  1. I assume this device is fanless, but I’d appreciate input about heat related issues.

    There are some of us who are considering mostly as an ebook reader, so it would be cool if you have a chance to test some reading apps, if possible.

    Thaks man, appreciate it.

    • Will test the heat on the device. Thanks for the suggestion. Oh, on the ebook reader front, it comes with Aldiko, and reading on it is good. Because it is only 7″ instead of 10″, you can hold it with one hand, although you might need support since it’s not particularly light (at 0.45 kg). Anyway, the fonts are all big enough and clear enough for me (check out the picture of the ebook I took in the quick review post).

      • Thanks to you man. I´ve been using a bigger tablet for quite some time as a reader, and the noise+heat combo makes it a less than pleasurable experience.

        BTW, I consider the free Amazon Kindle software a far better reading experience than the Aldiko reader (and they´re improving it frequently…)


  2. I can already envision playing plants vs zombies and PSX RPGS on this already… 😛

    Might consider getting one if the price was 12XX instead of 15XX 😐

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  4. It sold out. I tried to getr one from an outled but was told it sold out.
    Next batch of stock will arrive on friday 8th OCT only…
    I guess those cant wait for Ipad settle with this one…

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