Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2010

I think I will stay up for the announcement. I am a bit excited over this year’s conference… I guess it is more of a curiosity of mine that started to nag me the moment Google began its aggressive approach to attack the mobile smartphone market. I hate monopolies. I root for the underdog, and this is the first year when there seems to be not much distinction between iPhone OS and Android OS, at least in the mind of the market. That is when this curiosity came about: can iPhone be innovative in the midst of intense competition from its nearest rival, Android?

I think Android has a lot riding for it than against it. However, I have this business voice in my head that says, ‘You wait and see. Steve Jobs won’t take the threat sitting down.’ So, for the first time since iPhone debuted, I am giving them a chance to impress me 🙂 I am a bit stoked for the announcement.

For the record, I own both Android and iPhone devices. It is the older device of course (2008). I know the strengths and weaknesses of both, and as usual, the diplomatic answer would be: it depends on individual preference.

But I believe I am now a smartphone advocate. Being an advocate, one cannot just sit in the middle, or on the fence. No siree!

So we’ll see how it goes.


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