Overclocking HTC Dream from 528Mhz to 614Mhz (Plus other tips of increasing device speed)

Rooted phone and custom ROM

My Device:
I am using

Once you have all that, all you have to do now is to modify the kernel of your device’s ROM it is running. To do that, download damien667’s boot image here: http://www.mediafire.com/?tzjgtdaydtz .

Copy the boot-OC.img to the root of your sdcard. Then issue these commands from the terminal emulator.

Code (type the following and press Enter after each line is inserted):

flash_image boot /sdcard/boot-OC.img

By now, your phone will reboot and voila. Test it out using Linpack or Benchmark Pi (free applications to test the speed of your device). It rocks.

At the moment, my Mflops (calculation using Linpack benchmark testing) is 4.2+ at the maximum. This is very far from what it used to be before any JIT and overclocking (at a paltry 2.2Mflops). The improvements have been seen and tested by utilising yxflash’s media player and playing DIVX unconverted at HD quality. It plays it at any resolution (as far as I tested). Of course at the higher resolutions the player drops some frames but everything is smooth with no stuttering or lags.

Using Gameboid now is very smooth, especially on games that were lagging a bit in the past, e.g. Alien Hominid.

Conclusion: Worth the effort to apply this. But as usual, do this only if you are familiar with your Android device (this guide is only for HTC Dream and not any other). This can work for the Magic, but you will need to do more research.


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