O2 XDA Stealth: Thoughts & Future

It is a sad thing that for all the wishes and longing for an english wm6.5 ROM, they remain sadly a dream. Attempts to cook the Ron has not bore any fruit. It seems that the only group that is successful are the Chinese… a recent attempt to pay money for a translated version has also failed. I guess the main thing that is frustrating for Stealth owners are the lack of functionality & looks for such devices. A screen that is only 2.4 inch diagonally speaking is limited in options. Sigh.

The only other option, seriously, is to address the shortcomings and not on all the non-fundamental issues of the phone. XDA Stealth was a pretty lame phone on the software side. Although it had a remarkable spec sheet, ultimately, the main software itself was inefficient to handle all the things necessary for a PDA phone. Granted this was at a time when phones sold on the credit of the hardware specs, but this left a serious sour experience of a normal consumer. What it needed was a user interface (UI) that fits the hardware strengths & limitation. It is a solid physical device. Bulky (not unlike phones in the past 3 years). It was not speedy & definitely had unattractive GUI.

Can the life of the phone be extended? Yes, if we address the main issues well. SPB’s home replacement helped it somewhat, but it was better fitted for devices with 2.8″ inch screen size. It also taxed the CPU with all its widgets implementation. The O2 Stealth didn’t need widgets or a 3D cube switching interface though it may look pleasing at 1st. Try swiping the screens and receiving calls at the same time & you’ll see the problem 😛 we need snappy performance without constantly relying on faster processors (it’s 412Mhz is sufficient).

Maybe it’s time for hardcore developers to design a new GUI engine for these smaller, older devices so that at the very least, they excel in the main things that they still should? I’m sure many users who have these lying around would be willing to give these a second chance 🙂


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