Cyanogenmod & New Radio Update

There has been some notable changes in the community of developers for Android over the one month that has just passed. One is the fragmentation of groupings. Good example is that cyanogen is more actively involved in his own forum than in xda, although updates are also reflected in xda forums. But I find that there are many other forums where developers are congregating… which is good & bad. Good… because it helps the scene to grow 🙂 bad… for searching & collaborating with ease. But this is a healthy sign of android expansion.

Anyway, I found that cyanogen’s latest rom update is definitely a worthwhile download. It speeds up the entire experience, although just slightly. Not much revolutionary changes. There is an openvpn thing, which I have not tried. Compared to the previous, this is much better. However, I have to admit that my phone feels bloated at times. I am quite sad when there are posters in XDA saying that other ROMS are ‘speedy’ or as fast as stock HERO (which I have tried and came out amazed!). To ensure that there is no lag (or at the most, a tiny lag between shifts in screen), I had to minimise the amount of widgets I have on my main homescreen (the first one). The other thing that I had to do is to disable auto rotation (which I found to be quite useless to tell the truth). Oh, I forgot to mention the other interesting update in this ROM – 180 degrees rotation. Now you can rotate the whole device, 360 degrees. But to tell the truth, the novelty wears out quickly after a few tries. The other thing is to enable “Home app in memory” under the “Spare parts” component that is included in all cyanogenmod ROMs. Now there is an almost instant return to the home screen when you press the “Home” button 🙂

Fortunately, what is significant comes not from cyanogen, but from the released new radio update ( for the htc dream (Get it from here: This update is a must. I have noticed some slight improvement to 3G signals, wifi & GPS. These are of course hardware improvements. Go get it. Just flash it using any recovery console and voila, it’s done 🙂 A word of advice: after upgrading my ROM to, I noticed that the network connection (3G and EDGE) was disappearing/appearing. I suspected that there may have been some conflict with the radio update, and REFLASHED it. It worked. No disconnections or disappearing acts anymore 🙂


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