New Year

If you have been a regular visitor of this blog, you will notice that it has been fairly silent as of late. Reason? Simple… I have been extremely busy (physically and mentally) in my work and at home. I do not see it changing anytime soon.

However, I will still blog on technology. Solely on technology and games, etc. as I do need the distraction from work and home life. It is unfortunate that comic reviews will be zero in the coming year because I frankly do not have the time to read much.

My thoughts on faith, God and other spiritual things will be best heard rather than read. Just because I am silent on the written media does not mean that I am any less thoughtful and engaged in spiritual matters. Far from it. However, preaching would be the main mode of conveying my thoughts and beliefs.

Occasionally (very rarely indeed), I do update my other blog at .

God bless you all and have a blessed year ahead 🙂


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