Frodo C64 for Android – Compatible Games

You can see the details for this free application for Android phones here:

It works on my phone (HTC Dream), however, not all works. As I test the games out, I will put down a list of those that worked on my phone. If you need 1541 Emulation on, I’ll indicate it beside the Game name. C64 files can be downloaded from any of the sites online, since they are now abandonware.

Update (20/11/2009):

  • If you have problems with the joystick, just go to “Menu” and “Change Joystick Port” … it will work when it is put to Joystick Port 1 🙂
  • Be patient with the loading, some takes a long time (most are above 1 minute)… as long as it says “loading…” be patient. If it says, error, select the file that contains the name of the Game – do not press “Start the disk (first entry found)” option.

The List of Working ROMS

  • Burgertime (1987)
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Bruce Lee
  • Shamus
  • Stellar 7
  • Spy vs Spy
  • Strider 2 (Graphics not allign… need to adjust the frameskip)

5 thoughts on “Frodo C64 for Android – Compatible Games

    • Hi, I just tested it… unfortunately, it woud not load properly and asks me for the first disk… maybe I got a bad version or something. I’ll try again. The one I got came in Disk A and Disk B formats.

      • Yes, exactly the same to me!
        Two disk and no way to load after the “crack splashcreen”.

  1. hi there !
    just want to let all users of frodo c64 android version know that you can !!!
    switch the disks. At first I also thought that it is not possible, but I was wandering about because I used the app on an other sys before and there it was.
    you hasve to load the games first disk and at the point when the game says”insert disc two” e.t.c go to the load disk menu again – and HURRAY !
    the is a line “side number two” now =)
    so have fun! greetz J
    ps. of course I`ve not testet every game. but most I tried did work.

    • …if you do not find the “side two” info in the menu of the game you simply open the second (or whatever needed) disk image without choosing any film and go back to the emulator. now hit load or whatever the prg needs for input and it should work…

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