Extended Battery for HTC Dream (Singtel) Set – 1600 mAh

Andida 1600mAh

This is definitely a follow on to my most famous post on rooting HTC Dream: https://erlern.wordpress.com/2009/06/23/rooting-htc-dream-singtel/ . When you have successfully done so, your immediate joy of being able to run so many programs and modified ROMS on your set will be short lived upon realising that the paltry stock battery of 1150mAh cannot last for long. And then you will hit another snag and begin to pout. Well, that is until you hear me out 🙂


I have been finding for an extended battery to be used on my HTC Dream (of 6 months old edy). It has been disappointing for me to search for a reliable battery source that is as advertised. I remember going all the way to Setapak and even further on the hope of getting an advertised 1600 mAh battery only to find (at the last minute when I am there) that the advertisement was wrongly typed; it was the normal 1150 mAh which they intended to sell for RM80 – 90. Sigh… it was very disappointing (twice disappointed, mind you!).

Which is why I am finally happy to find that the Chinese-made battery by Andida, rated at 1600 mAh, is as advertised. A 1600 mAh would give you a marginally increased usage of 39% over the original. Calculations are simple… 1600-1150 =  450. When compared to the original 1150 = 39.1%. The original stock battery which my Dream came in usually lost about 20% after downloading a 100+MB vidcast episode via 3G. But on this battery, I found that it was only a 7-8% (with screen brightness set at the highest!).

The other improvements in having an extended battery instead of the stock is the lack of heat emanating from the battery cover (lower part of the HTC Dream) which I constantly get when running 3G for long periods of time, while browsing the net. It is now at most slightly warm.

So yes,  I would recommend this battery to ALL HTC Dream users. The upside besides the extended juice is the fact that it does NOT require an ugly battery cover to cover up the improved battery size! I get to keep the original size of the phone, although it is slightly heavier (not too noticeable). But that added weight just confirms that the battery packs a lot more ‘ommpph!’

I can get some if there are any who are interested 🙂 No more false advertisements.

Updated 9/10/2010:

They are some comments on the batteries not being able to charge. I remember that I had that problem for 30 minutes when I got hold of the battery, until I realise that the battery should not have any seal remaining on it; I took off any plastic seal that may be covering the battery. Below are my now 2 months+ old battery for you to compare and see for yourself.

Bottom View

Top View

Updated 14/10/2010:

Okay guys, becareful with the seller that is selling it under the name mentioned here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=548020&page=12. Quite a number of forum members from XDA bought it and found defective batteries that would not charge. The seller admitted that there was a missing component in the battery and thus is in the process of sending new batches to those who were affected. I am not sure how bad the situation is, but do read through the postings from page 12 onwards.

In the same forum, it mentions that Andida batteries of the same sold by others seem to be working well. Just make sure that it is not produced in late 2009, and it should be fine. Mine was 0809; the August batch. Phew! Will keep you updated.

Please be aware!


37 thoughts on “Extended Battery for HTC Dream (Singtel) Set – 1600 mAh

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  2. Hi erlern,
    Getting my HTC Dream in a few days time, late to the party, but been browsing ur blog abt the rooting and battery.

    Where did you get this battery and how much?


  3. Thanks erlern!
    My phone will be arriving tmr. Have saw some reports that it doesn’t support chinese language input and that you have to hack it for it to support, is that true?

    BTW, if I want to root my phone, can I enlist ur help, I can pay a token (but perhaps, let me know how much you charge.).

    Thanks for the response.

  4. Rayvolvez:

    By itself, I don’t think so. But you can download some applications from the Market to give you Chinese input (simple not traditional).

    Rooting your phone? I wish I could help you, unfortunately, I am in KL (Malaysian). I think you would be Singaporean from your IP address. I’m sure you can go to any major IT complex and ask them to do it for you 🙂 For a price of coz. All the best!

  5. Oh… Thanks for all the responses.
    I was worried about the chinese input as I do need to communicate with chinese.

    Thanks for the suggestion, guess I will try to follow the instructions u posted and hope u dont mind me constantly asking you questions:)

  6. Rayvolvez: No worries… I would suggest that you check your firmware (version number for phones) on your HTC Dream and see whether it is a 1.6 (aka Donut) or 1.5 (aka Cupcake). If it is 1.5 then you can use this faster way to root your phone (http://theunlockr.com/2009/08/22/how-to-root-the-mytouch-3g-or-g1-in-one-click/). If it is 1.6 (then you need a bit of a detour, and do this first before doing the above: http://theunlockr.com/2009/07/05/how-to-unroot-your-t-mobile-g1/).

    It is tedious (yes… I admit it is)… which is why I would recommend that only geeks & computer savvy people who can follow instructions to follow down this pathway 🙂 If not, then send it to a phone shop (I am sure it will not cost that much… I think) or just rely on Singtel’s ROM that they loaded onto the new phone 🙂

    All the best! Btw, nice graphic designs you have 🙂

  7. thanks erlern!
    will keep you updated.
    Its cupcake atm, the update arrived as soon as I connected to wifi.

    BTW, does 2G network means no data? I have disabled “data roaming” too, have wifi everywhere I’ll be, so did not get data plan.

  8. Rayvolvez: 2G means only voice & SMS (although technically it’s 2.5G). Leave that uncheck. And uncheck the Data Roaming (if checked it means you are communicating using data your personal data plan while overseas).

    Good, you can use the ‘1 click’ solution.

  9. Have created a blank apn so it doesn’t connect at my pocket’s peril. LOL. My previous htc touch would connect and burn my pocket even when its locked.

    BTW, are you familiar with google pinyin? I can’t seem to switch between languages.

    Sorry for bombarding you with so much questions. I’m noob with this.

  10. Did you install the Google Pinyin IME? Enable it in “Settings” > “Locale & text”… and uncheck the “Android Keyboard”. Then you will be able to use the Pinyin input when you use any applications that uses the onscreen keyboard.

  11. I find that when I disable the android keyboard, I can’t use the onscreen keyboard anymore.

    Not sure if its “google pinyin ime” i installed, found only “google pinyin”.

    BTW, if you don’t mind, can you add me on msn xoco(at)rayvolvez(dot)com , easier to ask you questions and chit chat. I do hope to ask lesser and lesser questions soon 😀

  12. I got it one from Ebay but I can not charge from my phone. If external charge from cradle is OK. Do you have this problem.

  13. Dylan, Kanatorn, Wataru… I always charge it using the USB cable… no problem that I have heard of though. I have used it so far… and it gives me decent mileage for my extensive 3G usage.

    Eric: I did it through Ebay. 🙂

  14. Just got my battery today, I can’t charge with wall charger. My wall charger is 5V 1A. Trying with USB Cable now.
    kanatorn, Wataru: I wonder if we got ripoff Andida batteries??? Picture looks the same.

  15. Hey, guys… you must remember to rip off the plastic seal (small seal) before charging……… It is at the base of the battery or something… then you will be able to charge… I didnt remember about it till now. It’s a small thing which I think most ppl overlook… there should be no plastic seal or anything on the battery. go look.

    • Thank you for the pics. Yep I did remember to remove the plastic film. I am wondering as well what your charger output is? Perhaps it is more powerful than mine?

  16. So I have found a part of the thread in the XDA Developers forum that says that the batteries that were manufactured on the 2009/November batch are faulty and not charging with OEM chargers. You can tell by the sticker on the back of the packaging.
    If you buy a 3rd party cradle/battery only charger some people have reported that this is working.
    A lot of customers on XDA have reported that this seller has been willing to send replacement batteries.

  17. I just buy one Andida for my HTC Magic in Taiwan and guess what… the battery only charges using a 3rd party stand alone charger.
    It was manufactured on 10/2009. As I’m not any more in Taiwan and I will be in HK I send Andida an email looking for the warranty replacement, I will update as soon as I have any news…

  18. Ok the first replacement set that the seller sent did not make it, so he sent a 3rd time VIA registered mail!
    This seller has seriously bent over backwards to make sure I am happy with my purchase, I am sure he must be losing some money on this particular sale.
    The new batteries are manufactured 02/2010 and charge fine =), very happy.
    @erlern You were asking for a link? Do you mean to the seller’s store or the auction? Here is the seller’s profile; http://myworld.ebay.com/obo_hk and store; http://stores.ebay.com/obostorehk

  19. Dylan:
    Good to hear that. I just bought a Samsung S8300 extended battery from him… have yet to arrive 😦 … but knowing Malaysia’s poor postal services, I am willing to give it another month before complaining.

  20. Hi erlern..
    I’m interested to get this battery! Could u get it for me? I’m willing to pay.. How much does it cost by the way?

    • Mon:
      Sorry, but I can’t seem to find it anymore… Apparently the person who sold it had many problems in the late part of last year. My advice is to go on ebay and get any extended battery that fits your purposes. 🙂 All the best!

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