OpenMoko Re-Design: Now known as OM

This is interesting. Openmoko, the open source phone (Freerunner) manufacturer, and recent WikiReader producer has just changed their name to simply: OM.

Very simple design and I would have to say, it is a good re-branding exercise. “Openmoko” is a mouth full for anyone who has never come across with the company. The colour scheme of black and white works to focus on its simplicity (hopefully reflected in philosophy :P) in ideas (like WikiReader).


The picture is a snapshot of the new revamped website.


3 thoughts on “OpenMoko Re-Design: Now known as OM

    • hi Sean!
      i’m a GTA02 owner ,run Android 1.5 but want so bad to run OM2007 on my Freerunner! Do you have any link for download?? I like also OM2009-paroli but had some audio issues (couldn’t control audio level).

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