Support Radiant! (Hexage)

I bought this game: Radiant, because of the high quality in gameplay and graphical design. It is a modern Space Invaders that is definitely much better than its predecessor in many ways.

Check it out here:

Buy the game from:


Your mission? Blast the enemies and survive! 🙂 It’s that simple, yet done in a very modern-retro (I know… what a paradox!) feel that is easy on your eyes. I want a T-Shirt of this game done!!! 🙂 Hahahaha.

Anyway, Hexage (the development studio) has done a very good job at the moment in all their games. I hope they will support the Android platform as long as possible. The only way to support these good studios is by buying their applications. It costs less than RM10 ($1.50 UK Pound). And the playability is better than the new games you may have on the PC (at least it is for me).

Now, if only someone will get Dosbox to work for Android! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Support Radiant! (Hexage)

  1. Hi, I also bought this great app n enjoy playing with it. BUT I’m stucked at and cant pass that point which your screenshot shows in this post. I always die there. Can you help me with some advice how to kill the big ones and/or avoid rockets?
    Another question: I have about 28k points but i still cant buy upgrades couz i have only 200 money

      • Nah, just be offensive. Don’t evade the missiles, shoot them down. First time I’ve distributed my upgrades, so I had no powerful weapons and thus couldn’t beat the saucers. Second time I put all my upgrades into the Vulcan Cannon and presto; saucers beat in a blink.

    • I put all my upgrades in missiles and had no problem taking those guys out. The problem I am having is with the “Father” can’t seem to inflict enough damage and avoid his 5 fireballs that he shoots out…

  2. Anybody knows how to kill “The HUNTMASTER!!”?
    I’m really stuck here… I’m using the plasma gun, but no luck at all…
    Do I need to get a different gun for this one?
    Any suggestions? Tnx already


  3. Eye of Judgment! There is no way to dodge its bullets … they always arc toward you and will arc to the point where 2 streams come perfectly horizontal to you both at the same time. Dodging is futile if you can’t move up on the screen.

    All I can figure is spend every bit of cash you gather towards extra lives and just try to damage him with a fast moving gun (laser?). This guy is flat out impossible if you put any upgrades during ”the apocalypse” into any normally useful weapons.

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