HTC Dream – End of Life? No Donut or Enclair Updates?

This article here got me worried about the usefulness of HTC Dream. Have a read of the article from:

The premise is that each update takes a lot of memory from the in built storage (which is only 256MB). Each expansion and upgrade would significantly grow the size needed on the phone’s memory. Cupcake (Android 1.5) took quite a large chunk, depleting the alleged system storage to nearly zero. It seems that future upgrades are doubtful unless something can be done to trim down the update size or to install another SPL on the phone to reallocate memory allocation.

An excerpt of the relevant part from the article (I plagiarize a lot :P) –

The default partition sizes of a T-Mobile G1:

  • dev: 49460K
  • sqlite_stmt_journals: 4096k
  • system 69120K
  • data: 76544K
  • cache: 69120K

The largest partition is data which is where all your apps are installed.  Many users have experienced this filling up after installing 40-50 apps.  The next largest partitions are system and cache.  System is where the Android operating system is installed and cache is where OTA updates are stored.  Note they are the same size.  The cache needs to remain large so that system updates can be downloaded and stored on the device before flashing.

So how full exactly is the system partition where the Android OS is installed?  Out of an available 69120k of storage, 68780k is being used as of the last official T-Mobile update(CRC1).

This does not affect the latest Android phones or future ones since the base memory size are in the 512MB and above (I assume… for future versions). But the good news (although unofficial) is that the author got a reply from a T-Mobile rep that assured him that there will be future updates. The problem is that, this is a technical limitation, and it may really be a problem for all HTC Dream and T-Mobile G1 owners worldwide. But then, I am not too worried as my phone has been ROOTED. That means, there will be a very capable developer from xda-developers, who would cook a custom ROM that would fit nicely into my phone. Although with some major modifications of course 🙂

Anyway, it is a good observation on the part of the article writer 🙂 Hope to hear more news on this from the developers side (besides the one sourced in the article).

Sigh… cannot believe that this is the ‘end of life’ for my HTC Dream…. just when I am using it as my Mobile workstation 🙂


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