Singtel Android Cupcake OTA Rollout

According to some folks @ that may seem to be the case. How it is being done is not certain at the moment. Some are claiming that you need to be in the Singtel Network to get the OTA. But that would not really make sense since OTA’s are done using normal internet connection (transfer of files from an ip address). The update seems to be standing at 44MB.

I think that a rooted phone is still the best road for a G1/HTC Dream phone. Why? You get to do some serious overclocking on the phone. The default maximum speed for the processor is only at 384Mhz. With software such as SetCPU (you can get it here: you can push it to the max… which is the original 528Mhz. The difference is very obvious. My phone is very stable even with this setting. No crashes, no freezes, etc.

But if you are a newbie and risk-aversed towards computers, I would suggest that you either:

1) Accept Singtel’s cupcake version and be happy with it!

2) Go to a computer shop that offers services to root it.

Why? Because Singtel is the LAST to push Cupcake 1.5 to its users in the world. Can you imagine, next month will be the release of other upgrades (like the hinted Donut), and you may not actually be able to enjoy such upgrades until 2/3 months after everyone else 🙂


6 thoughts on “Singtel Android Cupcake OTA Rollout

  1. Hi erlern:
    I’m tempted to root also. But it voids the warranty rite?

    Is there a way to unroot after rooting?

    What does it mean by back up my ROM? how does it different from unroot?

  2. Hi Erlern,

    Thanks for all your sharing in your blog, specially regarding the rooting, updating, etc etc on the HTC Dream =)

    Been thinking whether I should root mine or not, but Singtel catch up on me by sending the update, yesterday at 6pm, 44MB (like you said) over the air.

    Feels great to have the update.. finally 🙂

    But I notice that even with the update, it still doesnt come with office application suchs as excel, word, etc..I am wondering whether you have such application in yours.

    And you mentioned about the market enabler to access paid application. Is this really for the rooted phone only? Or is there a way to access the paid application without the rooted phone, but with cupcake updated phone?

    Maybe you could share some of your experience 😉 Thanks Erlern 🙂

  3. I’ve gotten my update through ahome lite for 1.1 application. As I switched on my wifi, the update came. Never expected this. Hope it will. Help.

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