Data Charges for HTC Dream (Not on Data Plan)

This is horrendous. The data charges came up to RM200 for just one month! It was fortunate that it was brought down by postpaid discounts given to me by my carrier (Digi). When I checked my bill, I have to say that the horrors I heard were ture; HTC Dream is a data camel. It really streams data at every hour or so, and I suspect it was to do with some of the applications which I installed (the security ones that prevents a thief from using my phone, should they successfully snatched it from me). Can you imagine that 1MB was downloaded at intervals of 2 hours or so? That really explains the huge slap on the bill for this month. See below:


Anyway, it is scary that I utilise only Wifi connection when I am consciously using the phone, I do not use the data connection (GPRS/EDGE). Because of the stealth like nature of HTC Dream and Android OS in accessing data for who-knows-what reason… it is timely that someone like this: is coming up with an Android Firewall to prevent applications on Android from accessing the data services, instead relying on local Wifi connections.

I applaud such a move. Support it. This person needs to get this done, for Google assumes that everyone will have an unlimited or a spacious plan for their phone.

Other benefits? Better battery usage (no wastage).

Anyway, be careful of your HTC Dream usage if you do NOT have a Data Plan. If you are like me, then join me in taking away the APN settings for my data provider. I prefer to add an “xxx” to the information settings, just in case I need it in the future for emergency I can quickly set it without much hassle šŸ™‚


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