Holidaying with My Rooted HTC Dream – JF 1.5.1

This will be updated when I get back to KL tomorrow. But I have to say that my phone is now ‘usable’ and is now ‘cool’ to me. I think this is still a very viable and good business PDA phone. All those Mac-addicts who like to splash their money can say what they want, but this is worth every ringgit spent. I have both a soft-keyboard and a hard-keyboard. I have multi-touch for browsing. I have everything I ever will need, except a faster CPU chip on this phone.

Even that is being tweaked with an overclocking software. If you did not know, the reason why HTC Dream has been quite sluggish in the multi-tasking department is because the CPU clock speed has been maxed out at 384Mhz. The chip allows for up to 528Mhz (as advertised). Interesting is it not? Now I get slightly faster performance by fixing it at 528Mhz.

Mind you, I did not bring my laptop for this trip. I did everything on my phone. It was adequate, as long as I do not have to write a wrong document or something.

The other thing which I am very happy about is the camera and camcorder functions that has made taking pictures and video a delight. Down side of the camcorder? Well, it would be the file format which is 3gp. I am sure future revisions to the firmware will improve these minor annoyances.

The fear of rooting my phone and installing another ROM that is ‘cooked’ by someone out there was unfounded. This worked wonderfully without any glitch. If you have been thinking about ‘freeing’ your phone… my current advice would be… just do it 🙂


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