Funny Superman & Batman Picture!

World's Finest#2

Click for a close up. Basically, it’s Batman trying to talk to Lois while keeping Superman at bay with a Kryptonite! Very funny piece from my favourite comic book artist, Travis Charest. Hmmm… Might not be fair to call him a comic book artist since he seems to be doing more covers and one-off pieces rather than a monthly anymore. The last released was only a few pages for the widely anticipated (including me) Metabarons. But that was overdue and they had to get another artist to finish the book because of Travis’ ‘perfectionist’ work style. Seriously, it is a business world, and no publisher would wait that long unless you are the top (uncontested) artist OR you just self-publish.

Regardless of what I think of his work style and productivity, his art is still one of the best out there. But the rules and players are changing, and I hope Travis realises that many excellent artists are coming up with styles that are on par or better, at a faster pace. Now that’s something!

(Even John Romita Jr. has upped his ante with pencilling 60 pages in one month! Read that from:


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