LG BL40 New Black Label & Sony Ericsson Raphael Android

From GSMarena:

The screen is said to have an extremely peculiar aspect ratio of 21:9 and a resolution of 800×345 pixels. That is quite wide, much wider than your typical HDTV. How this ties with “maximizing usability” (if that’s even true) we don’t know , but it’s sure to come with its own set of advantages and burdens. Another rumored spec, one that’s less iffy is a 5-megapixel camera.

My wife has the 3rd Black Label series LG phone… the Secret. I have to say that it is a very nice phone and good enough for her daily usage and more. The 5MP is excellent. The down side of Secret is the applications (as is most medium range phones). It is a hassle to transfer files and move them around.

This new BL40 “Chocolate” model looks very enticing for those who are into these sort of stuff. It is very weird to see a different resolution though, 800 X 345 pixels. I guess they want it to be a HD movie player phone or something. But I have to say that the UI has certainly improved from LG’s Secret model. Thumbs up! But I prefer Sony’s Android phone, code named “Raphael” (as in the artist, I assume) at the moment 😛 Take a look below. The UI (User Interface, if you have not guessed) is perfect! Very enjoyable for the person who is new to smartphones.


At last, Sony is really making something noteworthy after the flopped Xperia. 😛


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