Spiritual Blog


I have decided to separate my writings into two separate blogs. Not that I think there is anything wrong with mixing secular thoughts with spiritual ones… It is more for convenience sake. If you want to read some of my spiritual reflection and meditations on the Book of all Books, then head over to http://www.erlern.net. I probably will be putting some interesting items there too. It’s all hush, hush at the moment, but it will get more interesting (to me) as time passes.

I cannot dispense with this blog. I have to confess that there is still a desire to ensure that I do not lose touch with the IT progress. I have been raised up with technology at the forefront of my childhood life. My growth has been much influenced by the many changes that technology had to offer to new consumers like me (at that time). Therefore, this blog will still be my sounding board for things that are definitely not spiritual in focus. I like to look at it as a hobby 🙂

It can be useful to just write something different each time (back and forth between both blogs). I would not want to be trapped in a particular mindset that makes me lose context with the people of this world, whom I am staying with for the next few years till my departure 🙂


My personal spiritual blog.


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