Adaptations by Pheh It Hao

The exhibition is held at the Concourse, Bangsar Village II from the 2nd till the 12th of July 2009. A very nice collection of snippets of the artist’s travel to the ‘land down under’. Take a look at the photos of our visit there on the 4th of July 2009.

An excerpt from the booklet (which you can view in the gallery above – beginning from photo 24 of the collection):

His latest discovery is the “land down under”. Australia is to provide the inspirational thrust that will be instrumental in shaping his new collection of works entitled “Adaptations”. His recent visit to Melbourne has rejuvenated him; the city’s temperate climate and amiable people have had a positive effect on his creative side. The country’s nature, especially that of the Great Ocean Road, with the crushing waves and strong winds, has immensely humbled him.

I enjoyed the show, more so because it invoked many fond memories which both ML and I had in Melbourne. His work has steadily been better over the years, but than I may be biased since both of us took classes under him for nearly half a year 😛 It is certainly worth the visit just to break from the monotonity of life. Art surely is a good retreat for the mind when it is so stuck in the routine chores of life.

Enjoy the virtual tour, and if you can make it, do go!


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