Computer Games

When I was much younger (during my early teens), I would dream of playing ‘revolutionary’ games that were not available to kids like me then. Remember, those were the days of x286 processors and CGA (16 colours) or EGA (64 colours) screens. Actually, I never had a computer with EGA graphics. I had to endure playing in a sick blue/white hue for years during my primary school days.


This is what I had to endure for 6 full years of my primary school. Sob, sob!

With all the advances in computer games, I thought that my childhood dreams would have been fulfilled and kids would be able to enjoy the type of games I could only envision during my free time (which seemed available quite often :P). Boy, was I wrong, and still wrong. Computer games have reached a ceiling block. Sure, many would argue that console gaming is where the innovation is taking place (e.g. Nintendo Wii, DS and DSi), but seriously, it is all becoming very predictive.

The best they can offer is an immersive storyline and physics type gameplay. Where is the elements that spark the imagination of the player? Where is the gameplay that makes one feel competitive and wanting to test other strategies? Where is the fun? Instead, we have repetitive button/key pressing that only varies at times to change the ‘difficulty’ levels.

It is hard making enjoyable computer games. I admit it. I am not a programer or a game designer. I am just an ex-gamer who has stopped playing computer games (in an addictive manner) for 9 years now. But it is intriguing that old games are making a comeback with old gameplay. Adventure games are cautiously coming back (albeit in episodic format, like the recent Monkey Island continuation). Point-and-click games are sorely missed for they rely on wit and humour (most of the time).

Nowadays, to make a game successful, story elements can be distilled into two things; zombies and robots. Hahahaha. It is very true. Maybe I should make a game story out of the two? πŸ˜› And maybe sell off the story somehow. Hmmm… A robot/mech (ala Battletech/Robotech) type of military empires fighting it out, only to be caught by a swarming invasion of zombie aliens intent on destroying everything. Maybe it should focus not so much on the single player, but on multiplayer elements of duking it out between universes (each computer host one type of unique universe).

We can dream. Still πŸ™‚


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