Marquis of Death is Clyde Wyncham Fantastic Four #568

The Marquis of Death is an alternate reality version of Clyde Wyncham from the far-distant future. He is the one and only Mutant to have existed in his reality (as is recounted in the mini-series “1985”, I think…) and has spent countless centuries terrorizing and tearing apart The Multiverse.

The whole issue is about the ‘torture’ that the Marquis puts the Fantastic Four through. I have admit that I was expecting more, but then, this is Mark Millar’s story… not mine.

The physical battle was really short… and too gracious on the part of the Marquis. We will see the conclusion next month 🙂


2 thoughts on “Marquis of Death is Clyde Wyncham Fantastic Four #568

  1. This must be the first time in my life I am so intrigued by an FF story that I spent money to follow it. The finale is out but I have yet to read it. Read mixed reviews online. Too bad Hitch ditched the finale of his own run for Captain “Marvel’s Latest Gimmick” America: Reborn

  2. Haha… I didnt even realise it was Stuart Immonen on the pencils till you mention it. No wonder it felt a bit different from the previous. But Stuart’s one of my favourite, so it felt comfortable. He pencils very fast (faster than Hitch of course :P).

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