Rooting HTC Dream (Singtel)


Update 21/09/2010 (Final, I hope):

This is one of the most requested posts on my site. However, I think the post is redundant now. As many of you know, the process used to require the Goldcard method, which is complicated. Wes Garner, a developer and contributor to CyanogenMod and with his own apps, have come up with a new simpler guide. Check it out here, I have put them down here, in case someone takes it down:

Rooting your G1/MT3G (easiest method) by Wes Garner (Not mine… I just copied from him)

*Warning* This will erase any and all data on your handset excluding what is on the SDCard (aka pictures, music, etc won’t be deleted)
Download and place these on your SDCard first:
For the HTC Dream/G1:
For the HTC Sapphire/MT3G: (rename to sappimg.nbh)
Notice: When I did this for mine, I didn’t need to do a “GoldCard”, but if you get an error like invalid file or could not find, try these:
Format a spare SDCard as FAT32 and put just the file on it (or copy your SDCard to your computer, format, then put the file on there)
Hard method if none of the above works: (thanks to Amon_RA)

FlashRec (1.1.2, don’t use 1.1.3 (causes problems with the G1 nbh)):
A ROM of your choice, e.g. OpenEclair (currently 1.2.1)
Quick Note: The majority of the ROMs out there will work perfectly without need for the DangerSPL, but these instructions include installing the DangerSPL
Radio 26I:

Here we go:
1. Place the files on your SDCard (DREAIMG.nbh or sappimg.nbh plus FlashRec.apk)
2. Reboot your phone holding down Camera key for G1 / Volume Down for MT3G
3. This will scan your SDCard for the nbh file – if it does not detect it, try the other steps
4. Once it detects and loads the nbh file, press the Green / Send key to begin the process
—  This will take around 5-10min —
5. Reboot the device
6. Once booted, log into your GMail account as normal
7. Open the Market and download: Linda File Manager (I prefer ASTRO but isn’t compatible with this version that we just loaded)
8. Open Linda and click FlashRec and install the application
9. Run the application
It will prompt you at first to backup your ‘Recovery image’ (do this)
10. Hit install Recovery Image (it may ask to download it first)
11. Reboot your phone holding the home key
12. Optional: Hit Wipe Data / Factory Reset (usually prevents any bugs, you don’t have any data on it anyway so why not)


13. Hit Flash zip file from SDCard – select
14. After the flash completes, hit reboot – after installing the update, the phone will automatically go back into recovery mode (this is good!)
15. Next, hit Flash zip from SDCard – select
16. Again, reboot and allow it to finish installing – it will reboot back into recovery mode
17. Finally, hit Flash zip from SDCard – select the ROM you chose to use

You’re done! After the final flash is done, reboot and enjoy your ROM and rooted phone (All credit to Wes Garner for the excellent guide)

[Er Lern: My advice is for you to install DangerSPL. It is smaller in size and has everything necessary for your baseband and radio. Besides, for CyanogenMod, which I highly recommend, it is a REQUIREMENT]

The previous updates and post are left here for archiving purposes. Thank you for using it.


Update: 9/1/2010 – I just found a foreign language post that includes screenshots for the Goldcard section of the steps. Check it out here . Very impressive and gives you a better way of rooting your Dream phone.

Update: 6/11/2009 – Wow… it has only been nearly half a year, and not only have I gotten DONUT updates, but also the new ENCLAIR (2.0) updates are coming in slowly. And in between that time, I have extended the battery of my HTC Dream by using 1,600 mAh Andida branded batteries. Have a read here: For those who successfully rooted their phones, may I suggest that you flash Cyanogen’s ROM. It is the BEST!


The Original Post:

I am still waiting for the Cupcake update to be released. I am really tempted to ‘root’ my HTC Dream phone. If you ever give up on waiting for the update, here are the steps you should take (this is taken from the comments from: by user “act1988_3_9”.

Steps to Install other ROM versions on your HTC Dream (Singtel)

1. Download QMAT
It’s a demo version so will only can open for 10 minutes.

2. Format your memory card to fat32. Please keep in mind some card does not work.

3. Search in your android market for ‘Terminal Emulator’

4. type ‘ cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid ‘ without the quote sign.

5. Note that code down on a notepad or something. Make sure everything is noted correctly.

6) Go to QMAT site, download QMAT 4.36
7) Extract the file, double click on qmat.exe
8 ) Click on Cyptoanalysis Tools > Crypto Toolbox
9) Look way below, there is a text box (beside “Reverse String” button. Key in the cid number you’ve got earlier
Click on the “Reverse String” button, the result is reversed…
Example: 532600bd227d9c0347329407514d5402
10) Copy the reversed cid
11) Go to QMAT again to generate your goldcard (this is free for G1 phone, Thanks to Viper!)

12) Enter your email. For the CID, enter the reversed cid you’ve got earlier. However you need to replace the first 2 characters to 00.

Example: From “532600bd227d9c0347329407514d5402” to “002600bd227d9c0347329407514d5402”

13) click Continue and you will receive the goldcard.img via your email.
14) Go to your email, download the goldcard.img and save it to a directory first.
15) Now, download HxD Hex Editor for this site

16) Install and launch HxD Hex Editor program
17) Go to Extra tab > Open Disk. Under Physical disk, select Removable Disk (Must be your SD card), uncheck “Open as Readonly), click OK.

18) Go to Extra again, Open Disk Image, open up goldcard.img which you’ve saved to a directory earlier.
Now, you should have two tabs, one is your removable disk, the other is goldcard.img. Press OK when prompted for “Sector Size” 512 (Hard disks/Floppy disks), click OK.

19) Click on goldcard.img tab. Go to Edit tab > Select All, edit tab again > copy.
20) Click on the “removable disk” tab. Select offset 00000000 till offset 00000170, click on Edit tab and then Paste Write.
21) Click on File > Save. You may exit this program

Now, do a test to see if your SD card is “compatible”

Disconnect the USB cable connected to your SD card, then plug it back again. Go to My Computer, you will see your SD card (E.g. “Removable Disk ( F:)” ), double click and see if you can access it. If it prompted you to format, then forget about this SD card, don’t think it will work. After trying for days, I ended up buying a Kingston 2GB card.

If you are able to access your SD card after written the goldcard.img to your removable disk proceed point 21.

22) Download RC7 from
I used RC7, you may use other version if you want to, just google around.
23) Extract DREAIMG.nbh to the root of your SD card.
24) Exiting moment is now… Power off your phone, power on again by holding the camera and the power button at the same time.
25) If all went smoothly, it will prompt you to press the Power button again to update
26) Once all is done, remove the battery manually to power off the phone. Place the battery back and power on again, you are on RC7 now

27) Same as usual, you will need to sign in to your google account. However do take note that after RC 7 image, all APN configuration is not relevant to the ISP in Singapore.
Click on the Menu key on your phone and configure the APN manually (google around, you should able to find you ISP APN configuration) Remember to set your APN to default.

Sign in to google again. Only once you are signed in, then proceed to (Point 26) because you need to download App like telnet from the Market.

28) Proceed to gain root access by following the instruction “Rooting your RC29 or lower phone” and “What To Do Now That You Have Root” on this link (posted in this forum by Chua as well) here at… they even have a video for you. However, I find that it is easier to download the recovery.img and HardSPL from:

Follow the steps from 3 – 14. Let me repeat: download the recovery.img and HardSPL files from the xda link above but follow the Unlockr’s steps (3 – 14). Once you have rooted your phone… it is time to load a custom ROM. If something does not work, power down your phone, and start the steps again, especially in the ‘telnetd’ part. Have faith, and don’t think too much 😛

well… now that your phone is rooted.. just upgrade it to some firmware.. JF is quite good… Here is the link for Latest JF…:

If you do not know how to change the firmware from original to the JF or other modded one.. just follow the direction from previous link on how to root RC29 or lower phone..

29) Follow steps I and II from Load the JF1.51 ROM first BEFORE you update your Radio. Very important. Do not bother to update any other SPLs (Second Program Loader). You will ‘brick’ it… if you ever find yourself in a situation like that (where the T-Mobile logo loads and freezes everytime you power on your phone), do NOT panic. Just follow back the steps to “Load your ROM” and you will be back on track. It is hard to brick your phone in reality when you have successfully completed step 28 of installing HardSPL. It is a safety measure.

Note: Please update the radio update from uk or us htc website before you update to JF version

By the way for those who want to see paid app in the android market you will need the ‘market enabler’ app.. (search in google ‘android market enabler’.. This will work only in rooted G1.

I have to say that the method to do this ‘surgery’ is quite complicated, when compared with Windows Mobile.


185 thoughts on “Rooting HTC Dream (Singtel)

  1. Sorry, but I chickened out… I am getting very frustrated with Singtel’s delay in updating the firmware… but I have given myself till August. If by then still no updates, I will root it myself 😛 haha.

    I think you can root it if you follow everything in the steps provided. All the best!

  2. i cant…i done everything by every forum and always end up by when i try to use terminal emulator to root my mem cant..haiz..haha if u can root it..notice me then u can hlp me..or else its waiting for hero for me or iphone

  3. me too, but my problem now is the singtel APN, anyone can provide me the singtel APN configuration details? thanks in advance…

  4. Hey Satya, James,

    How is the JF cupcake version? I heard it is buggy? Are you having any problems with that? Can you purchase things from Android Market?

    Anyone tried rooting it with the “Sense” or Rosie ROM? Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Hi, JV v1.51 cupcake seems working fine for me, haven’t encountered any bug yet, for purchasing from Android Market you need to install the Market Enabler app, and sign up for Google Checkout account

    @james, for Singtel APN, i just filled the apn with e-ideas, i leave the rest empty and it works.

  6. when i type type ‘
    cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid
    it always says it cant be found..i am using kingston 4gb pls hlp me guys

  7. Actually Leonard, when you type ‘cat /sys/class…etc’ make sure that there is a space between ‘cat’ and ‘/sys/class/’. I did that mistake once. I just bought a new Toshiba MicroSDHC 8GB Class 4 card.

  8. leonard, just to make sure, are u typing the command that with your phone connected to the PC? u have your mem card in your phone right?

  9. hi erlern, congrats on rooting ur phone.

    erm im still pondering over this decision and i have a few questions. we need to downgrade our ver to a lower 1 rt? and how to chk if our MEM card is suitable? thks!

  10. Hey, yeah… it was initially a hard decision but you know what? No regrets at all. Eventually, I would have rooted it, so might as well do it sooner. Benefits? Plenty… better camera & camcorder. Better battery life… just played songs on it for 2.5 hrs and on wifi for an hour. Still hv 35% to go. Better wifi range. Etc. Yes… u need to downgrade to t-mobile UK. Void any warranty frm Singtel. To check whether ur card is able to be rooted, just follow steps 1 to 21. If step 21 fails… then it means u need a new mem card. Don’t worry… step 21 doesn’t change ur Singtel ROM. Just read more from links once u get to step 28. I’ll update the instructions tonight… since there are some better steps from else where 🙂 go for it!

    • yeah.. pls pls update to *easier ones etc.. i think all of us only worry about having a very expensive BRICK.. ;p

      will refer back to here and root it.. its like waiting forever for some CO to update it for us.. AKA wait 9999 forever…


  11. Okies…. I have updated the steps already… particularly 28 and 29. Do not worry… you wont brick your phone unless you really are very stubborn and dont follow instructions easily 😛 Don’t be like me. Hahaha. All the best. I am not going to flash in HERO until it is more stable and widely used. 🙂

  12. mm my phone is nt connected to the pc when i type in the string of codes..and my mem card is in my phone….erlern..i guess..u just hlp me ba…i really can go bonkers…

  13. when i have limited access to the pc , den the internet screws up.. keep getting error when DL step 15.. lol.. do i hav to redo from step 1 tmr again?

  14. No need… step 15 does not require a new step 1 – 14. Just continue from where u left off tomorrow. 🙂 d most important thing is d goldcard thingee. All the best.

  15. Thanks for the guide, … now in progress to update …
    … can’t wait SingTel to release Cupcake Update, … they will forget it forever. 😦

  16. Hi, anyone can help? I have tried step 1 to Step 21. Steps by steps for 2 days now. Still cannot even get my SD card loaded properly with goldcard.img. So bought 1x 2G Kingston, 1x 2G SanDisk, 1x 1G Transcend. After step 21, it prompts me to Format again. I have get the CID reverse’s goldcard and CID reverse + 00 goldcard. but still have the same issue. any clue?

  17. step 21.. highlight as in the whol rows as well.. ? from 00000000 till offset 00000170..

    its the whole blk? .. have to retry,, =(

  18. i jsut cleared step 21.. now 1 qn.. im on RC8 before.. so is it the same? just follow ur steps..?? i will follow.. so keeping my fingers crossed!!!..

  19. can guide on this?.. step 24& 25 dint work for me. when i on with pressing camera n power.. i got a a screen with green, red, blue colours.. no power on icon again?.. is it cos i dint downgrade?..

  20. Its ok… that means it has been downgraded edy. U’ll see the t-mobile screen when u on ur phone. Check ur phone info and status… u’ll see it is now… rc7. Mine also didn’t ask to power again but auto restrart. 🙂

  21. mm any1 can hlp me?must the phone be connected to the pc then can type in the terminal?or any1 in sg can meet and hlp me root my fone?

  22. Just: follow d steps to downgrade the phone to rc7 using d links provided. After tat is done… root it then install hardspl. D screen would come up differently.

    Leonard: use the app from android market called “terminal emulator’… dun need to be connected to pc at all.

  23. maybe ST orig sd card not compatible? cos the goldcard.img generated the string of #s always reman the same no matter how many times i generated i’ve noticed. hmm…

    den now my g1 cant detect my sd card.. -___-“

  24. hi er lern, how do you check your SD card is class 4 and above? I have bought kingston 2G, SD 2x and 1x 1G Transcend. To make it compatible seems a bit challenging.

  25. The class refers to the max & min write/read speed for that particular card. I suspect that htc dream works well with a class 4 & above card. There’ only 6 tat is higher than 4 at the moment.

    The only way to check is by looking @ the packaging for it to be written, or some cards like kingston has it on its card itself… small ‘class’ followed by the number. This is not compulsary for manufacturers but if it is newly manufactured and is class 4, they’ll usually write it somewhere. They ignore for class 2.

    I recommend sdhc cards, not the normal ones.

  26. Sorry, I meant buy microsdhc instead of microsd. The price is not much different. The former is more quality assured in my opinion. I worked off a kingston microsdhc 8GB class 4, which costs only rm69 🙂

  27. if i try tonight and still dont work, i will go get a card as you advised.. sigh.. sometimes i wonder why did i buy such a GEEK phone in the 1st place.

    and not those idiot phones.. LOLxx…

    keeping toes crossed..

  28. btw any idea if multiple formating of sd card will make it damaged? cos my orig sd now cant be read by G1… or is it cos its in FAT32 format now tts why the g1 cant read it? ..

  29. Just: It is worth the effort. Geek phone? That would be a Windows Mobile phone 😛 Anyway, I do not think formatting an sd card multiple times would damage it. It’s like formatting a USB thumbdrive multiple times. G1 should be able to read FAT32 format.

  30. mine is a sdhc card..and its class 4 and above..but it still cant..i type in the string of codes in the terminal emulator it always say cant be found?

  31. Leonard, you can do this step to get the cid (card id)
    – Open the Terminal Emulator
    Type following command

    cd /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1

    and continue with


    You will the list of file and directory list and
    you will find mmc1:0001 or mmc1:0002 or mmc1:000n
    Let say you have mmc1:0002 then
    continue with this command

    cd mmc1:0002

    and here last command

    cat cid

    You will see the cid number, write this number and continue with next step.

    == HerSam==

  32. hi HerSam, this is a good step. I am using Kingston 4G SDHC Class 4.

    cd /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1

    you should see:

    $ cd mmc1:1234
    $ cat cid

    you should get your CID

  33. the new kingston 4G SDHC still cannot work..

    the only different is that

    17) Go to Extra tab > Open Disk. Under Physical disk, select Removable Disk (Must be your SD card), uncheck “Open as Readonly), click OK.

    Under Logical disk instead of Physical disk

    I read an article using G1 as USB… this method also cannot work..

    It seems like it cannot write the goldcard.img into offset 000-17F. it will prompt you to format…

  34. mm i follow this the step
    cd /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1

    and continue with


    You will the list of file and directory list and
    you will find mmc1:0001 or mmc1:0002 or mmc1:000n
    Let say you have mmc1:0002 then
    continue with this command

    cd mmc1:0002

    i see these

    but dun have mmc…

  35. @Just, continue by typing ‘ls’ and press Enter, btw, it’s an L letter, not I (but in lowercase of course)

  36. damn … now im stuck @ the rainbow screen…after i update e image.. it tells me update failed!!.. n although i take out e battery n re on e g1

    it still goes back to update screen.. how??.. pls help..

  37. Just: ur most likely is corrupted. Recopy it into ur microsd card and try again. Cannot be other problems…. I think. All the best.

    Leonard: successful?

  38. er lern, the thing is how can i get to the main screen?

    when i on my g1, it just goes into the rainbow scrn?..

    asks me whether to update or not?..

    i dint rename e file to update!!… :(:(

  39. i oso dunno.. erlern, now my g1 cant use at all..

    for some reason unknown, the msd card is not read by my pc !!.. v sian.. i know the hp is not bricked but its stuck at the screen lor .. very sian n sigh.. using spare HP and it reli feels like a major downgrade after using the G1..

  40. Are you in Singapore or Malaysia? If in Malaysia, I can help you since I’m in PJ. Let me know. If in Singapore then go pay to get it on cupcake.

  41. yo erlern, i finally bring it to rc7..

    erm now how do i sign into gmail with t mobile network?.. do u have msn to add me now?..

    mine is

    need ur ‘live’ guide through if possible…

    i cant set the APN though from th estartup..

  42. should i leave my ST sim card inside e g1 when setting the APN? which i should i edit? and how to sign into gmail when there is no network??.. gosh..

    pls help me ..

  43. have a question for u.. i had a request saying for system udpate and i selected ok. den it started to update my g1 and then reboot itself.. then there was a pic of a ‘microchip’ and now its still showing htc dream screen. what is going on with my g1??any ideas..

  44. i took out the battery and re on it again.. it was prev ‘hang’ on e screen… hmm.. strange.. will such things happen ??

  45. i suddenly have firmware 1.5??? harr?? is this cupcake? but it looks the same though.. any thing happen??

    m i on the uk network or ??.. lol. i have camcorder function now..

  46. its so weird i have keyboard on screen .. i think im on cupcake.. LOL.. just tt im not on the roms.. but cupcake also allows us to save stuff onto our sd cards instead of g1 memory?

  47. Congrats… you have just updated your T-mobile software to the cupcake version, which is original one. That means you cannot ‘root’ your phone anymore, unless you re-do everything. To tell the truth, I think you will better enjoy with the version you are currently handling 🙂 Don’t bother to root lar since you have cupcake now 🙂

  48. ya… wow.. does tt mean everyone can have cupcake from either US or UK? somemore is autoupdated from them?..

    tts cool.. haha.. i agree with u for 1 im really alien to all these android things..

    cool man!!.. least i have virtual keyboard + camcorder.. dint waste my time. so i can use it as it is.. can remove the zip file and img from my sd card?.. 🙂

  49. Then how come my htc dream hasn’t received the update yet? How do I get the update? I’ve been waiting for my update for ages… I’m using singtel 3g network thou, but I’ve yet to receive the update. =( its sad to see other singtel htc dream with the update except me =(

  50. we have no choice but to wait :/ i’m waiting with 3g on lol. it’s a sheer waste of money because i don’t have a data plan.

  51. Dom & lw:
    The cupcake update will be done OTA (over-the-air) over any internet connection once it is available for singtel HTC Dreams. It is NOT available just yet. For that reason, most (including myself) users will root the phone and install their own versions (like the one explained in this post). It is NOT the official singtel version and will most likely void the software warranty. But it’s worth it for me and many others. So sorry… no Cupcake updates for singtel users yet.

  52. i see. Hmmm heard that with the singtel 1.5 update for our htc dream, we might not be able to get to use or find all of the applications on the market thou. So i’m still considering if I should root my HTC Dream while waiting for the update =]

  53. You can try… but take it from me… it will be a looooooooooooooong wait as they do not want the sales for HTC Magic (which has 1.5) to decrease. Anyway, now my HTC Dream can do everything that Magic can 🙂 and more. I even overclock my CPU to the max at 528Mhz.

  54. @erlern some people over at hwz said they got the singtel update, and it’s got everybody started lol. even the “just” guy (read above) got his update in singapore. which means it’s available! i won’t root yet, since i wanna keep my new warranty.

    @dom you need to download some app to unlock the not-free apps.

    i’m curious. how do you overclock?

  55. i see. are you residing in SG? Cos i’m considering of looking for someone to help me root my HTC Dream. I don’t mind paying for that service. =]

  56. lw: yeah… only 2 persons got the 44MB download. Ah well… I am in Malaysia and to think that Donut version is coming out next month… I think I would rather root it to get access to the latest updates 🙂 Haha… but good to hear that.

    To overclock, get SetCPU app from the market (paid) and you need ‘root access’.

    dom: I am sure there are many shops in Singapore (like our Malaysian equivalent) that offers services like that 🙂 Besides, ‘just’ rooted his too… although in a different manner. He got the OTA using another country’s android version 🙂

  57. cool…. i’m waiting for the update.. wondering if i should root it instead but im know that the warranty is void once its rooted =/

  58. now then i heard tt ST is getting off their butt to do something now.. LOL after i root to cupcake as well.. lol.. but it does seem better now.. with better batt life, the video recording etc..

    but as for market apps, it seems tt its reduced?

    for instance no more app to DL videos via youtube as per before i root? wad apps do u use , erlern?

  59. does the themes and wallpaper tt r seen on hero rom are only available on rooted g1??

    what more capabitiltes does donut have better den cupcake? any ideas on tt? (:

  60. i just update my phone tru the ota release last fri..but i was thinking shld i root it then make it to hero rom or i wait for Hero to reach sg in sept? any1 knows of shops in sg hlping pple root?

  61. Just: the themes are only available if you install the Hero ROM which requires root access. Of course Donut will be better than Cupcake since it is an version improvement.

    Leonard: The Hero ROM is only officially available for HTC Hero phones. The ROM that is made available for rooted G1 phones is NOT efficient since Hero ROM relies on widgets which needs a lot of RAM. Hero phone has 288MB RAM. G1 & HTC Dream has only 192MB RAM. Therefore, Hero ROM on HTC Dream will perform quite sluggishly especially with active widgets.

    • erlern,

      so probably the *highest ota update for G1 will be the donut? since the official Hero will be on another HTC hp by itself. Of cos unless we root it and install the Hero ROM which will run faster on the G1 then?

      i guess we cant always be upgrading the firmware then.. but still its a damn cool phone. i never used the iphone before but im glad i dint cos this 1 rox.

  62. hey erlern, do you have any idea where to get

    extended battery
    g1 back cover
    microusb-to-3.5mm adapter?

    in singapore, of course.

  63. lw: Sorry, cannot help you with that since I am Malaysian. However, for the extended battery without an additional back cover (which is ugly), you can order one from this guy here:

    The microusb-to-3.5mm: u can buy from any computer store. They will have. however, it is more expensive since it is not a popular type.

  64. oh..okie..guess i will wait for htc hero then..will see the price first..haha..or there is any rom that is nice?mm any shop in sg that will root it?

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  66. It is the best. Battery life is better and everything is much better. Download and use “Recovery Flasher” from the market and follow the instructions 🙂

  67. Hi Er Lern,

    Thanks for the tips on rooting. Running custom firmware Cyanogen Mod 3.6 on G1 now..

    Have you tried flashing JacHero Rom on G1 yet?
    I have been attempting 3 days in a row, but it keeps getting stuck @ HTC screen..

    Any tips on that? (tried all sorts of methods already)

  68. You should get the latest Cyanogen Mod… which is 4.0.4 🙂 It is the fastest and most stable at the moment.

    I have not tried JacHero’s ROM and probably won’t because of the need to install a new Radio and all the other requirements which would make coming back to Cyanogen’s a hassle. Wait for the latest incorporation which makes it much faster and usable for G1 first, if you really must use it. But I really dun think Hero ROM works well on G1 becoz of the hardware limitation in G1.

  69. Cool.. I will try installing that =)

    I have done all the steps (updating radio, SPL, flash recovery to cm-1.4, partition sdcard, fix partition and flashed).

    Still failed. But it was relatively easy to go back to Cyanogen.. I just put it back on my sdcard when everything fails, flashed it and there goes ~

  70. Hi Er Lern,

    I installed JACHERO ski 2.0 and is working great on the G1.

    It encounters lag every now and then, but is the most “usable” version of Hero Rom.

    You may wanna try it out =)

  71. Thanks 🙂 But I am too used to Cyanogen’s 4.0.4 at the moment. I have a lot of important info that I don’t want the hassle to move around (i.e. make backup, etc.). Enjoy!

    But seriously, I think I’ll only get it once someone has incorporated the latest HERO update that has been released from Sprint… the Android 1.6 one 🙂

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  73. my HTC Dream has an original firmware version 1.5, build number CRC28.. I wanna root my Dream but i wonder if your instructions are compatible to my build..

  74. I’m stuck at the setup wizard of rc29 because i cancelled my data plan. i know of a way to turn on wifi using ADB but i can’t get it to work even with the drivers installed. what should i do?

    i’ve set up the APNs according to those given in hardwarezone, and i tried using a hi!card with those settings. it failed, obviously, and now i’m stuck.

    should i just borrow a singtel 3G sim card from someone and use it with the APNs i’ve typed in?

  75. It is too troublesome to use wifi, better to just use GPRS, which I suspect is a ‘pay as you go’ plan… you do not need a data plan unless u plan on using high usage (at least that is the general service from most telcos I know in the world).

    I am sure you can get a PAYG data APN. Or worse comes to worse, use another person’s sim card. but honestly speaking, I use a basic GPRS connection to validate my gmail. 🙂 All the best.

  76. the thing is that i cancelled my GPRS on my current sim card as well as every other card in my family. do you know of APNs i can use with hi!cards?

    or i have to borrow a card from someone else huh…i hope they work with the APNs given from hardwarezone, otherwise i’ll feel very paiseh towards my friends lol.

  77. Singtel APN settings here.

    Name = IDEAS
    APN = e-ideas
    Proxy =
    Port =
    Username = *
    Password = *
    Server = *
    MMSC = null
    MMS proxy =
    MMS port =
    MCC = 525
    MNC = 01
    APN type = default

    Create another APN with these settings.

    Name = IDEAS MMS
    APN = e-ideas
    Proxy =
    Port = 8080
    Username = 65IDEAS
    Password = IDEAS
    Server = *
    MMSC =
    MMS proxy =
    MMS port = 8080
    MCC = 525
    MNC = 01
    APN type = mms

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  80. i turned the power bak on after step 28 or somewhere thr n then i have to sign in to google, but i cant connect to the internet, how do i skip this thing n use the phone?????? pllzzz help

  81. Hi erlern, Your artical is very helpful, but I’m encountering a problem now, not sure if you have some idea:

    I got this Singtel G1 about 2 months ago, and now automatically updated to 1.6 already, in the build number showing DRD20.

    You are right about the original 1G SD card can’t not work when I stuck at 21, then I went to buy a new SD card this afternoon, but now stuck at 24. I can see the 3 color screen but with a error code 00028002 – not allow. I searched everything I can find but no luck. Not only RC7 but also I have tried RC29, neither can help.

    Any idea? Thanks a lot.

    • I’m having the same problem here as well; the error screen and the color thing. I guess it’s the SD card which is not compatible. I’m trying a few right now actually. Lucky i’ve got spares. This is my last spare hopefully it works 😦 hahas! been on this for 2 days! gosh!

  82. mczcm & Johnny:
    Sorry for the delay in reply…

    I am not sure whether it is the SD Card then… as long as it is reputable (like Kingston or SanDisk and have a high class rate, Class 4 or above) it should have worked.

    That error basically means you have chosen an incompatible ROM (RC7 or something may not be compatible with the latest 1.6 update given… this is just my assumption).

    Either way, try making sure the gold card steps are correct… remember that 1 wrong digit would stop the whole process. Double check your digits in the hex editor.

    If not, try this and see whether it still works for your sets (I doubt it since you have updated to 1.6, but it is worth a try). I’ll try to make some searches, but do let me know your progress. 🙂 Happy New Year… and hope to see you on the other side of Rootness 🙂

  83. alright, i browse thru and all comes down to the goldcard thing. I haven’t been able to get it right. i used 5 microSD cards. 2 kingston, 1 8g kingston class 4 and a few more cards all got damaged and had to be reformatted. I’m really really getting cranky with all this.

    It just doesn’t seem to work at all D’ goldcard. I tried directly loading D” NBH it says not allowed blablabla + some error code 0028….

    Plus i tried one click, D’ flashrec thingy Doesn’t allow me to backup my rom which is not good and i dare not flash my RA’s image directly and i dun think changing D’ hardSPL directly is a good choice? Though changing the hardSPL would gain me access to downgrade to RC7.

    Do help me out on this one thanks a million. I’m working on it for days!

  84. with regards to using one click, can i just flash directly my ra’s recovery rom and not back it up?

    **BTW i haven’t downgraded to RC7. I’m in a state of stock donut, latest radio, build number DRD20

    sigh please help me out, erlean…

  85. Johnny: Reformatting does not damage the card at all. The main thing of flashing the goldcard is to ensure that you are able to load another ROM into your device. It is absolutely important to downgrade it to RC7 FIRST in order to ROOT the phone. Without ROOTING the phone, you will BRICK your phone trying to install Hardspl etc. I repeat, do not flash any other thing except RC7 or the other compatible ROMS for your devices. Only after that should you be flashing other custom ROM and Radio baseband.

    Phase one is about getting Root.

  86. okay. Thanks!

    But i mean i dun mean reformatting damages D’ card it’s when i do the goldcard method via D’ HxH editor thing. i copy paste then save then when i load it back to my phone it says “damaged sd card” i tried alot of sd cards i can’t find a compatible one.

    Any ideas how to find a compatible one? I tried kingston 2GB as well. all got damaged! 😦

  87. I’m actually using kingston 8GB Class 4… and had no problem. the other thing could be this… are you using a card reader to edit the microsd? or are you using the phone? It is better to use a dedicated card reader. make sure it is connected to a main usb port, and not a peripherial. The former lacks sufficient power (electricity) and may cause problems in transferring (editing) your card.

  88. My friend. I’ve tried a 1GB kingston card today. I plug it directly to a card reader and a main USB port. Perharps it’s D’ latest version of Qmat? could you send me your qmat? or perharps Maybe a short video on D’ goldcard part?

    Please! i’m really stuck. This is my third day already and it’s 4am in singapore. I’m physically and mentally tired 😦

    Do help me out, please.

    Thanks!!! a lil short video would be really appreciated!

  89. Or maybe could send via email or i was wondering if i could use ur goldcard? I’m really kinda desperate here..

    it’s been days! i think ti’s either i done something wrong with qmat or D’ hXh editor thing.


  90. johnny: goldcard is specific to the handset it is created for. So it is quite useless to use mine. Unfortunately, I did not keep my goldcard nor my qmat software, since it could only work for 10 minutes. I would advice you to ask around in xda-developers or something. All the best. Worse comes to worse… go to a shop that provides the service for rooting the phone 🙂

  91. Hi,

    I had just rooted my G1 with the update that johnny was saying with these instructions. 🙂 all is good.

    thank you very much.

    im thinking that johnny missed out a few numbers on the microsd id thats why his goldcard wont work.

  92. heyy s4m4ral,

    I think it might be my way of writing it with D’ hXd editor or something. I dunno maybe you could drop me an email at

    I really really need serious help. It’s like my fifth day! new year new day, no root~ 😦

    btw do you stay in sg? erlern? s4m4ral?

  93. Maybe you could tell me like how you do it. Eg plug in to USB cable or USB reader or like card reader and like proccess by proccess for just D’ goldcard part?

    It’s 3.35 and i’m still here. trying to research a way!

    please help a poor sleep deprieve dude out 😦

  94. Yup I stay in SG, and I use a HTC dream singtel set and was done using a Win7 machine. Just follow the steps above and a few notes on the following :

    – Best if you use a cardreader to format your card and do all the hex editing, rom/image copying and all. It’s a painful process, it took me an hour tops to finish it all but it’s worth it.

    – For step 4 and 5, make sure that you copy that string very carefully. This is the ID of your SD card that your unit recognizes. If you fail here, you’ll fail the rest.

    – On step 12, remember to replace the first two digits of your REVERSED generated ID (from qmat) with zeros before you paste it to generate your goldcard ID.

    – On step 21, test if your SD card is compatible by trying to copy over a file on the SD card AFTER you have done the hexedit. If the SD card says that it needs to be format, its time for you to look for an alternative SD card that you can use. I used a SANDISK 8GB and luckily it works.

    Lastly, get some sleep so you can feel more refreshed and less prone to error. A sharp ax takes lesser time to cut a tree than a blunt one. Cheers bro!

  95. Alright my fellow ROOTED g1! I HAVE MADE IT TO D” OTHER SIDE!!! ;D;D!!
    *CHEERS* hahahas

    Guess what, it’s because from hXd editor i selected removable drive instead of physical drive > sdcard

    God i was like figuring that shit for 5 days? hOly shit hahas!

    Time for a good rooted discussion ;D

    So what roms you use? I’m using D” stock donut 1.6 with root base. lOls thinking of using hero roms. Btw i didn’t ues D” one click method x.x i use D’ telnetd thingy hahas. omg was like damn scary and all man! hahas but i made it!


  96. The best that I have ever used (I didnt try the rest) is Cyanogenmod. It pushes the G1 to its limit while releasing as much RAM as possible. I am not sure about the HERO rom since the G1 has not enough RAM to run it smoothly unless you deploy other ‘riskier’ methods to convert your SD card space to RAM. Anyway, let me know your choice and performance on it. Remember, always INSTALL a recovery console to avoid getting a BRICKED phone. Always do a NAND backup of your phone before installing ANY ROM!. Absolutely important, if not, you WILL cry! 🙂 All the best~!

  97. I use CM’s latest. Pretty okay since it’s donut and I dont mind not having the fancy effects since Im most into performance. 🙂 Glad everything worked out for you bro! cheers!

  98. hello,

    Can i ask something, because i am confuse in this one.
    I have done until part 27.

    28) Proceed to gain root access by following the instruction “Rooting your RC29 or lower phone” and “What To Do Now That You Have Root” on this link (posted in this forum by Chua as well) here at… they even have a video for you. However, I find that it is easier to download the recovery.img and HardSPL from:

    Follow the steps from 3 – 14. Let me repeat: download the recovery.img and HardSPL files from the xda link above but follow the Unlockr’s steps (3 – 14). Once you have rooted your phone… it is time to load a custom ROM. If something does not work, power down your phone, and start the steps again, especially in the ‘telnetd’ part. Have faith, and don’t think too much 😛

    the things that i want to ask :

    from theunlockr, requires files are RC29, Recovery Image, and HardSPL For G1

    from xda its only recovery.img and HardSPL.

    So, what files do i need ? Should i put recovery.img , HardSPL from xdadevelopers and RC7 files before?
    or delete RC7 file as it has been used before.

    and. from the unlockr , it said that the method is obsolete! Is it safe to using that way ?

    Many thanks for your help.

  99. hello…

    update from before.

    I have done all steps until no 28.
    But, i got stuck on no 29.

    the phone always restart before the progress end (load custom rom, i used dwang)

    any info about this ?


    • hi erleen,

      if you could help us abit, are there any *updated instructions to root the g1? (;

      and now google is launching their own phone. Nexus One.. looks good with the tech specs?

  100. Hi, erlearn & sam!

    I’m now using D’ aosp-adp-stock-donut-1.6 (with root base) + overclock. I think it’s pretty fast and it is stock base. hahas. I feel cyanogen ROMS lack design?

    well it’s my personal preference x.x

    For D’ hero ROMS i’ve flashed a few mlign and eclair expresso thingy. <<< D" expresso thing always forces close when i move to D' other 7 screens.
    MLIGN3.2b i feel it's pretty and i would say really alright BUT, it is still lagging and trust me if ya rushing for time and have lots of smses coming in you'll find it god damn irritating. hahahhas!

    Well i'm enjoying D' rooted G1 right now. And yes i headed ur advice to do a nand backup ALWAYS before flashing new rom ahahahs!

    I use astro ta backup D" aps to APK files. hahas If you guys have nice apps or what we could share or something.

    And really big thanks to you; erlearn hahas helped me out with rooting D' stuff. ;D thanks yO~

    @herry, I didn't use one touch though i use D" telnet thingy stuff and just flash D' amon-ra thingy hahahas!

  101. btw i used D’ engineering SPL aka death spl or something blablaa lOls.

    I think D’ engineering SPL should only be use if ya planning to use a hero’s rom lOls! ;D

    Good luck peeps!

  102. Just: I am sorry, but I have not rooted any new HTC Dreams yet since the time I made this post. I believe it still works for any G1/Dream sets as is attested by the readers.

    Nexus one is nice, but see my latest post… it’s just not my cup of tea.

    Johnny: You just have to do a nand backup for the ROM you felt the most stable…. so that u can always go back to that one. making one b4 every flash would be too time consuming. Just my 2 cents 🙂

    Oh, which ROM is that, which overclocks? You meant it maxes out your clock at 528Mhz? That one would be most ROMS, even cyanogen’s is natively clocked at 528Mhz. Well, no worries, most effort is always at the person who does the rooting itself :).

  103. @s4m4ral well ya using CM? hmm okay i have a promblem with cyanogen mod mind if you help?

    D’ prob is everytime i install CM i can’t access D’ market place why is it so? is it i install a wrong rom before i install CM inside? >.O Do help me out on this one.

    And Do you guys noe how to use metamorph themes? or how to install customizable themes? >.O

    Much appreciation! (:

  104. Hi all,

    I tried the latest Cyanogen Rom but i feel it lags on my G1. The rom is also not as speedy and smooth as it used to be. Maybe you guys can try out the Eclair 2.0 Rom for G1 @xda developers forum, by Manup456. I used it for quite some time and I can say that it rocks !

  105. Hi guys, for those who wanna install hero rom in G1, look for the MySense Hero Rom in xda-developers forum under the sub-section “Dream Android Development”. I am currently running it and i can say that it runs as fast as an original HTC hero, if not faster.


  106. Johnny: The market? I use Market Enabler (free app) to fake mine to T-mobile. I think once you use cyanogen’s ROM or any other ROM you will lose your singapore market access. No big loss actually since S’pore app market is really limited.

    Sunset: I am on Cyanogenmod 4.2.13 and I have to say that it is really fast. I found that there are some tweeks to make normal usage fast and smooth. I fear the only thing about the Hero Rom & Eclair ones is the need to flash the DangerSPL which is … dangerous 😛

  107. Johnny: Market issues? reinstall vending.apk 🙂 and make sure that you sign in with a valid gmail account. CM is using the 1.6 version of the market so you shouldnt have any issues with paid apps.

    sunset73: Rosie (SENSE) is a like having a high maintenance girlfriend who is bratty. Pretty, but tsk. Battery is bad, memory too low etc.

    I use DangerSPL on Eclair 2.0 and currently working on a stripped down version.

  108. Hi! I upgraded my O2 XDA Stealth to wm 6.5 in December 2009. Last week the battery got discharged completely. While charging the Phone started booting up and did not started more than 2 hours. I removed battery and restarted the phone O2 screen appearing and blinking. Please dvise to fix this up

  109. Madhu: this is not a WM6.5 thread 🙂 nor a XDA stealth thread. But I suggest since you have discharged your phone completely. let it charge for a while without turning it on. If your radio and SPL are flashed correctly, the LED lights will turn on after a couple of hours.

    Remember your battery is flat. so you have to wait. Worse case scenario, you need to do a factory reset. Please consult your manual on how to do a soft reset. and then a hard reset.

    chairs! i mean cheers.

  110. Hi there..
    I just bought my HTC Dream and currently it comes with android 1.6 (build number DRD20). The steps above can be use to root my handphone or not? I’m so scare that i’ll bricked my phone. Do you anywhere place in kL that provide this services?

    • Just get a MicroSD card with at least Class 4 (better yet, Class 6) speed. You should be fine 🙂 And trust a reliable one like Sandisk, Kingston or Transcend.

  111. Hi erlern. I managed to downgrade my HTC Dream (Singtel) @ DRD20! 😀 .. Currently using Eclair with CyanogenMod 5.0.7. Thanks for your guide! Appreciate it!

    • Wonderful 🙂 Good to hear that. We all can wait for Froyo to be released! I’m sure Cyanogen will get that out once Froyo’s codes are released into open source.

    • Hi MON,

      I Live in Singapore and using the Singtel HTC Dream with Ver 1.6 , DRD20.want to root my Phone , since you have already successfully done , may i request your guidnace ?




  112. back to the thread here (:

    great time with D” G1 and is great i actually root it! (:

    CHEERS~ i mean CHAIRS~ hahahas!

  113. I have a HTC Dream. Managed to get goldcard working for Kingston 4GB micro-SD. The original Transcend 1GB micro-SD did not work. Cynogenmod 6.0 is great, but lagging sometimes. It is definitely better nonetheless. Thanks for the great efforts in putting the guide together. Cheers!

    • Hi, my recommendation is to stop using the RC for CyanogenMod 6. It is not usable and not efficient in my honest opinion. The apps eat into the internal storage and widgets are very problematic. My recommendation would be to use Cyanogenmod 5.0.8 Final. That is the best and most stable. It is a pity that cyanogen does not put in the old method of installing apps to the microSD card. I guess he is too intent on getting his ROM out to various sets than on the Dream/G1.

  114. Hi erlern ,

    I Live in Singapore and using the Singtel HTC Dream with Ver 1.6 , DRD20. i have searched high & low in internet and attempted many procedures with no success . i really love this HTC Dream which comes within my budget but the very big difficulty is cannot install application in SD card . today my luck brings me to the posting by you and seems to be very promising . can i request your experties to ocnfirm my phone can be rooted with the procedure you mentioned above ?

    Thanks in advance



  115. Hi erlern ,

    Thanks for your prompt reply , As my skillset is not that good to root and in previous attemt i got stuck with no helping hand , is there any contact i can call you if i am stuck ? I promise i dont misuse/ trouble you . you can let me know any prefered timing . At least a yahoo chat or hoogle talk communication can also be helpfull . i will contcat you only if i hit problem.

    Please help ,

    Thank you

  116. Dear Erlern ,

    Its like my DREAM come True . With your priceless extended help and support (Gtalk) , I was able to root my Singtel HTC Dream with Ver 1.6 , DRD20 . i am very happy to use the CyanogenMod 6.0 . And achived my main object to have apps2sd , able to install many rooted apps ….etc.

    Once again , THANK YOU very much for your time and really appreciate your professional attitude to spare your time to help a un-known person like me . Wish you all the best


  117. Dear Erlern,

    It is very great you can root the HTC Dream (Singtel). I want to root mine too.

    I got error on step 4. The screen display like: “Loading…”, “Checking..”, then “00028002”, “Not allowed”, back to the previous screen, not futhur action.

    Would you please advice how to solve this problem? or May I add you to gtalk?

    Thank you very much!


      • Dear Naidu,

        Thank for your reply. Yes, I am in Singapore.

        I tried to create the Goldcard, but fail last night. It was due to I edit the Logical Disk, not Physical Disk. Today I did follow the instruction to create the Goldcard successful. I did use the phone to format the SD Card, then edit the physical disk. It seems ok with Windows to copy files in the Goldcard.

        I will root it tonight. If I have futhur problem I will email you.

        Thank you all the great guys!


  118. Yes, I was very happy yesterday and today.

    But Oops, due to careless My Dream stuck on the T-Mobile icon screen (RC29) now. I tried to root it again, with swap, ext2 on SD-Card. I did not flash the new radio before SPL, rebooted, Stuck there.

    I searched, it call brick now. I am searching for solution. Hope someone can help me out, or at least I can solve it via some service provider in Singapore.

  119. No, It just stuck at the “T-Mobile G1” screen. Press Camera+Power, Home+Power, Back+Power, no one can go to Recovery screen or HBoot screen.

    • Sorry to hear that. There is no way to recover it, unless you know a bit of soldering and electrical works. You will need to get spare parts from ebay to revive your Dream. Instructions are at XDA forums.

      • I can fix it in the repairing service company with JTAG when I go to China in Dec. (I could not find one in Singapore. it is not worth to buy one set myself).

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