Simple Facebook Self-Policy

I have about 500+ contacts on my Facebook not because of anything, except that having been lecturing for 4 years, you really come into contact with a lot of people. I am more than happy to connect with people that I have met before, or I have met but forgotten (there have been many such persons).

Having said that, I have a strict policy relating to the type of behaviour that I am comfortable with, especially when it is to do with on-line conversation/interaction. For one, do not stretch the friendship by taking advantage of it. Just because I know you and have contact with you for some time (years even), do not take it upon yourself to be ‘rude’ and ‘display your attitude’.

People who generally come online to have a row or fight, proves that they are not true ‘friends’. True friends take the other person’s consideration, even in having opposing thoughts or convictions. Of course this differs depending on different issues, e.g. spiritual issues versus commercial ones 😛 However, the point has to be made that you do not come onboard with a rested determination to put down another person without taking into consideration what is being said. It is like a person who just comes into your house and shouts “Your house looks bad!” repeatedly, even after you have explained yourself.

Such person, I believe, needs to be removed from the ‘friend’ list. At least on my books.

It is unfortunate that some people have such high value on their opinions to the extent where they just come down to the level of ‘name-calling’. If you are not ready to listen to the other side of the fence, “DON’T COMMENT or SAY ANYTHING on MY FACEBOOK!”


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