Lone Wolf by Ksatria Gameworks – Dead?


According to a previous game developer in his blog post at http://godpatterns.com/post/status-update:

The original plan was – move to new job, then buy a computer to develop on (as I didn’t want to send my old one to Singapore), then resume posting.

This was a reasonably good plan, but unfortunately Ksatria’s financial backing started to falter then eventually died and the company went under. It’s a shame because the game was looking very good. At the moment I’m still in Singapore. I’ve had a few queries about possible positions here and back in the UK. In the immediate future I’ll be returning to the UK.

In his resume, he states simply:

Ksatria Gameworks
Jurong, Singapore
August 2008 – February 2009 [Company closed due to financial reasons]

I personally would think that this is a good source of information. The person lost his job due to the problems faced by Ksatria, which is not surprising since Singapore has been badly affected by the financial recession for the last 1 year.

It is a real shame… but it is not surprising. Too many Intellectual Properties (IP) like Lone Wolf has been promised a Triple A development funding but when the economy landscape shifts (as it always does), you find that their previous estimates were a bit too ‘positive’ and smaller problems are multiplied… before you know it, disaster happens within; stifled cash flow, rumour-mongering, cutbacks, etc.

I hope that the game license will be passed on to another (as in sold) game studio to pick up. It is sad to see my most favourite gamebook series coming up dud in the computer games translation.


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