A Phony End


I love PDA phones. I like the technology that is imbued in such a tiny device and yet with the ability to connect with other devices through normal handphone technology (voice over air). This was and still is my first PDA phone… an O2 XDA Stealth, which I bought last year (same month) for RM600. It has everything that a phone should have; Bluetooth, Wifi, Infrared (how many devices still have this? :P) and it is touch screen based. Once you have tried touch screen, you will not go back to a non-touch based device. Really!

The tragedy began 2 days ago when it fell off my hands into the hard concrete floor. Sure, it has slipped off my hands before, but it never quite hit the floor as hard as on Wednesday. There was a dent/scratches to prove it! But what was worse is the audible buzzing noise that irritates me everytime the phone line is in use. It is like having bees trapped in the phone. Sigh. The speaker still works well (it has a very good sound quality) even on its external speakers. Everything else works… except for the (now) retarded buzzing which I cannot seem to fix (it’s hardware… I just can’t fix hardware).

Sigh. My only consolation is the prospects of a new phone 🙂 Yay! I wonder what I should get?


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