The Best UI – Pointui


Everytime when I want to change my phone, I somehow come across something that extends its usefulness a bit longer. I am using an o2 XDA Stealth that was made by Gigabyte (yes, of motherboard fame). It is surprisingly lasting and sturdy. It has everything except a keyboard (although it has a keypad), GPS and accelerometer. It does have infrared (which is not a popular device at the moment). 

One good thing is this: it runs on Windows Mobile 5.0. Not an iPhone definitely, but it is skinnable and the type of applications that I am able to use is astounding. Makes it very easy to be mobile. 

I like Pointui ( the most. It is a skin over the hideous Windows Mobile desktop environment. Let me show you my current desktop outlook below:


This is the Mac OS X wallpaper that looks so cool on my phone now 🙂


This is the Clock widget. The User Interface (UI) is really clean and very friendly for touchscreen use.


Slideshow widget – Customized to Fullscreen

What is exciting about Pointui is its Widget desktop. There are many widgets that are being produced by independent developers, which are freely available to users on the forum page. Best of all, the UI is really attractive. Many people who have seen my old phone thought that it was a new one. 

My favourite widget at the moment? The fullscreen Slideshow. It shows my photos clearly, instead of half the size previously. Take a look for yourself… it’s really cool! And to scroll through the picture collection? Just click on the left of right of the screen… that’s it 🙂 Anyway, Pointui 2.0 is free… but a Pro edition is coming out real soon (which is paid). That will enable GPS usage and other cool stuff which my phone does not support. 

For my MP3 player, I use another free software… S2P player, although there are some nice MP3 widgets available for Pointui. Ah… but that’s another story altogether 🙂 

If you have a Windows Mobile phone, why not give Pointui a try? You won’t regret it.


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