Matthew Poole Biography


His Life, His Times, His Contributions Along with His Argument against The Infallibility of the Roman Catholic Church

By Thomas Harley

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover

Pages: 232

Size: 6×9

ISBN: 9780595525027

Price is USD 18.95 

There is also an e-book version for USD 6 and a Hardcover Dusk jacket for USD 28.95.

Matthew Poole (1624–79), author of the famous Synopsis Criticorum Biblicum, was a seventeenth century ecclesiastical leader, nonconformist, apologist, and minister in England. Poole is best remembered for his Synopsis in the scholarly Latin tongue, and the English language Annotations upon the Holy Bible (the modern day A Commentary on the Holy Bible) written for the layperson. These works were highly valued by such divines as Charles Spurgeon and Jonathan Edwards.

I am very interested in getting hold of one version of his biography. A very remarkable Christian theologian whose commentary has helped me in many areas. You can purchase it from here:


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