Susan Boyle – The Real Truth About Us


Honestly speaking, the Internet is abuzz with Susan Boyle. Basically, a normal 47 year old woman who had no looks, nor any outward appearance that would be considered ‘out of the ordinary’, who wowed the judges on “Britain’s got talent!” Interestingly, the main reason for the buzz is due to the crowd and judges (and frankly most viewers) who thought that she had nothing to offer, since she had nothing physically appealing in her. Then she sang “I dreamed a dream”, a song sung by the Broadway musical character Fantine, and it shut people’s initial disdain of her. 

That is the summary. 

The sad truth is that all that reaction, from the press, and from the audience (and judges) is purely hypocritical. They basically are saying this: Cheers for Susan Boyle for she had no looks, no physical attraction… but her voice of an angel. That is pathetic to say the least. What would have happened if she had not a nice singing voice? The truth is that, she would have been laughed and ridiculed. That is what would have happened. Don’t believe me…. look at William Hung (from American Idol fame). 

Those people who praise Susan Boyle for her singing is basically saying this: a gift IS everything for a person to get respect. 

I beg to differ. Respect should ALWAYS be given to another human being REGARDLESS of whether the person has ANY talent or gifts. 

That is what makes the Gospel so attractive to me: That Jesus Christ, God Himself (the ultimate judge who is PERFECT) goes down into this sick world to save… sinners. It is because we are the most disfigured person, the most wretched person, that Christ came to save. Not the righteous, the one who had SOMETHING to offer and be proud of. 

Respect for Susan Boyle should have began because of the fact that she is human. Give it to fellow humans who are wretched before God’s eyes, and then cheer them! But who would, right?

Oh yeah… because that would mean that we have to respect ALL human beings… something that we (flawed beings) just cannot seem to do, because you and I need to be humbled. 

So, to all the other people who feel justified that they cheered Susan Boyle… ask yourself: would you have cheered if she had nothing to offer? Would you have cheered because she tried? 

Thought so.


3 thoughts on “Susan Boyle – The Real Truth About Us

  1. The Susan Boyle story has little to nothing to do with respect it is all about celebrity. This is a TV show on a channel that is struggling to keep its head above the water due to the slump in TV advertising.

    The Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden faces that the cameras cut to have nothing to do with them respecting Susan Boyle, rather, its about getting the ratings for their show higher to get better ad revenue and make sure that they get another season of exorbitant salaries.

  2. There are a lot of people who admired William Hung for trying.. and for having a great attitude even though he was rejected.

  3. why should a person’s worth be measured by the things of this world (intelligence, strength/abilities, talents/gifts, etc)? it should be by God’s standard alone because He is our Creator.

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