RIP Openmoko GTA03


According to many reports on the recent speech given by the CEO for Openmoko projects, they are shelving any plans to continue their smartphone line (the next one being GTA03). Hardly surprising to hear actually, since the economy is down and that other phone makers are providing really solid performances (e.g. Google’s Android and Nokia’s Symbian push).

The only good news for them is a so-called “Project B”, which is essentially their plan B.

And the fact that they are selling Neo Freerunner (has everything except 3G and a camera) at a discounted price of UDS299. They have halved their staff but will still provide support for the Freerunner.

Ah well… I was pretty enthusiastic over the ‘idea’ of a truly ‘open’ phone. I guess it is a good concept for education rather for commercial purposes.



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