Christian 2.0

The world is intrigued with it’s ever ‘evolutionary’ outlook; believing that things get better as time progresses. But the fact when you drill down properly is this: nothing changes in the areas that count. Take for example, technology. Sure, it gets faster and better each day. But if it does, why are we doing less than our forefathers? Why are people not performing better than those who did not have technology like we do?

It’s a conundrum to say the least, but it is there for us to see. The Christian does not seem to be able to do more ‘evangelism’ as the older generations, for all our talk of the Internet proliferation. In fact, it tends to dilute evangelism… believing that evangelism can be done in ‘cyberspace’. The effect? A division of lifestyles that is wholly inconsistent by the Christian professor.

There is no such thing as Christian 2.0 in this world. There should not be any. To be a Christian is sufficient. It was sufficient in the time of Paul and the apostles, it will be sufficient for our day and generation too. All these so-called development are mere distractions. Meaningless they have become.

We can obviously use technology in our daily living, but God help us if we define Christianity by what technology is in use.


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