Today’s bible study topic is on Acts 26 …

Today’s bible study topic is on Acts 26. The main topic is on “Testimony of a Saint”. The saint mentioned is of course referring to the Apostle Paul. I have studied this passage many, many times… in fact, ever since my conversion in 2000. Yet, as much as I study it, there never seems to be an end to the riches that I find in this very passage. As time passes, I find nuggets of treasures that were buried and concealed which I could not see then. It is very edifying.

I have been taught to see three (3) main natural divisions in this chapter concerning Paul’s extensive account of his conversion (from verse 4-23); his old life, his encounter with God and his new life. I believe, then and now, that the three fold division of testimony should also be applicable to modern professing Christians in validating their faith confession.

It is challenging. It is very applicable. It is frightening. For underlining this topic of giving testimony, there is the concept of the Gospel. What is the essentials that one must have in order to have faith? What are the non-negotiables?

Let’s see how the listeners understand out of this.


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