Final Crisis #7 – My Last DC Event


That’s it… I give up. It is confusing… and I think I finally understand what is wrong with the whole Crisis series: It’s not in the writing (because All-Star Superman had the same ‘crammed’ style to it, which worked excellently well), it’s the whole need for the background infopedia of the DC universe and the mismatch art. The art (especially by JG Jones) was above average, but somehow it lacks the pacing and storytelling needed to execute Morrison’s plot and script nicely. I believe Quitely (Frank) would have aced this, but we know that probably would have taken a few years to finish the series. 

I think the artist (J.H. Williams III) who worked with Morrison in his Batman run (The Island of Mister Mayhew) is another who catches the storytelling approach needed to make Morrison’s compressed plots come to life without forcing too much out of the reader. I really like Morrison’s work when it really is executed well (Seaguy, JLA Classified, Batman, All-Star Superman), but Final Crisis is really way too complicated and convulated for my liking. 

Definitely not friendly to the person who wants to just jump on a new series for the fun of it. 

Parts I liked:

  • Black Superman and Wonder Woman. Really interesting. 


  • Silhouette of Bruce Wayne.


  • The Title page for this issue. Really appropriate (even though I have no idea how it got there).


Fun Factor: 4.5/10 


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