What to Say?

I wish I had more things to blog about.

I find it hard to blog about spiritual issues anymore since it is now part of my work and is tied very closely with my church. I still will if there is something important that has to be said. In the meantime, I think I better write less about it, unless I want it to be taken as an ‘official statement’ (which I won’t want to, as yet).

So, it comes down to ‘other things’. Like comics and computer games and my childhood… hahahaha. It will have to do for now. In some sense it is quite a relief to talk on other things.

I’ll be going back to Kuantan this Sunday till Tuesday. I do not know whether it is a long or short trip. Feels like I have my Monday packed with activities. Wish to catch up with my old friends and all… but, as I get older, it seems to get harder to do so. I do not enjoy the quantity of visits. I enjoy the quality and length of visits more.

Meaningful conversations are a rare commodity nowadays.


That’s it for now.


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