On Preaching

I just realised that some people should not preach. There are just too much negativity and personal vendetta in it. It is not edifying and worse, it does not lift Jesus Christ up, which is what true worship is.

I also realised that what pastor said was true; there are many who are not ‘preaching a message’ but giving a running commentary of a passage. This is not expository preaching but commentary lecture. I liken it to Calvin’s Commentaries (which were actually his lectures to his students). It is good to understand a passage, but not in conveying God’s message to the people by application and relevance.

These are what preachers have to guard themselves against. Besides that, I notice that speech and command of language is very important. ML is right to point out that grammatical and pronunciation problems distract listeners more than wrong exegesis.

Words of wisdom, I tell you 😛 This business of preaching (not commercial but endeavour) is a hard and serious matter. Unless God helps through His Holy Spirit, we are undone!


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