Modern Assumptions-Churning Mindset

It is mind-boggling how modern day assumptions made on ‘weak evidences’ are taken as though it is factual. Case in point: – the post basically was made in relation to recent allegations that Abraham Lincoln (yes, that Abraham Lincoln) is homosexual. 

Yes, that made me go    O_o     …. really? 

Made a quick wiki trip (not the best scholarly source of course, but hey, it’s just a quick trip) and found, explaining the recent ‘debate’ (more like speculation) that Mr. Lincoln could have been ‘soft’ and at worse… homosexual. 


That’s the allegations. 

But then again, this is the age where any ‘idea’ can be turned into a factual knowledge without actual solid, grounded evidences. Who are the ‘alleged’ diary keepers? How do we know these were not the equivalent of our modern fan-fiction writer who fantasizes relationships with other people? It is way too speculative to prove anything, much more, re-write history of a man who was known to be patient and with much wisdom (courtesy of his wife’s temperament and condition). 

It is a modern mindset. 

Speculate everything. Accept everything. 

Except those who forbid that. 

Go figure. Relativistic modernists. They breed everywhere. 🙂


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