Handphones / Mobile Phones : Cancer Causers?

Interphone researchers are pooling and analyzing the results gathered from studies on 6,400 tumors sampled from patients in 13 countries. If the final results mirror the preliminary ones, the world’s three billion cellphone users might want to dial back their talk time. Israeli researchers participating in Interphone found that people who use cellphones regularly are 50 percent more likely than non-users to develop brain tumors. And a joint Interphone analysis from the U.K., Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland reported a 40 percent increase in tumor risk in people who use cellphones for more than a decade; the study found no discernable risk for people who have used cellphones for fewer than 10 years.

Read the whole thing here: http://www.popsci.com/scitech/article/2008-12/last-call. Anyway, I have been thinking that it is an entirely possible premise, seeing that the cases of cancer has only recently escalated to crazy proportions. If this is true…. I truly shudder to think what might happen to my normal lifestyle…….!!!! 

Will I ever be able to leave my mobile phone??????

Oh no……..

Guess I should not dispose of land lines yet….



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