Twitter Start


I am doing a research on unifying all the various social networks into one main account. I like Facebook… but the problems are numerous. Recently they have tried overcoming it by re-designing the whole interface. It works for me. But one thing was sadly lacking… the ability to update your status via mobile phone without having a data connection.

In comes Twitter. A very popular American micro-blogging tool (which I’m sure will be popular in Asia soon enough… it feels so much like Facebook was 2 years ago!).

Best part of Twitter is: I can update my Twitter status for the price of one sms to +447624801423 and voila it gets updated. I pulled a Twitter app from Facebook, and …. ta da….

My Facebook status is updated!

Time taken… 5 second lag time (from the moment I send my sms).


20 cents. Malaysian currency.

That’s cheap.

The application of this (in centralising things to Facebook) is immense (for me anyway :P).

Now, if Google will link and pull everything from Facebook to Gmail…. that would be “The One ring to rule them all!” As it stands, my two must use online utilities for daily usage are: Gmail & Facebook.



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