The Seduction of Poles

From Malaysiakini today:

You’ve moved from one gym to another, sweated through endless aerobic classes, walked many miles, ate fewer calories, crunched, pushed, pulled, boxed, swam and jumped for years! All for a more toned body. Here’s something new for you to try – pole dancing!

Pole dancing is switching places from its sleazy image of scantily dressed women to the respectability of fitness centres, gyms and dance studios.

Thanks to pole instructors around the world who have taken this form of dancing out of the sleazy clubs and into the fitness centres.

It’s disturbing to see that pole dancing is now ‘cleaned’ up for ‘popular consumption’. And before long, do not be surprised to see it introduced in churches all over. I can already imagine it: Exercise! Christ wants you to be fit! Pole up!

Pole dancing by nature is synonymous to Strip clubs and entertainment. But, but (I hear those ‘evangelicals’ whimpering already)… the Bible does not say anything against it. It should not be wrong, right? Since God is silent about it. Dancing by nature (according to them, not me) is basically a medium only right? And since it is made up of repetitive physical movements, surely it must be neutral? 

Which is why these people would always be stumped by the Regulative Principle. They are seduced by the worldliness around them, and deny God’s power in the very thing which God asks us to practice. They want to have ‘liberty’ to everything, but never to deny anything. Much like my post on (Drama is not preaching), people will always want to spend time pondering (justifying) the use of worldliness in the church. 

Pole dancing requires core body strength. You will need to support your weight with your arms and legs and this in turn is great to improve muscle tone and strength in both upper and lower body. So while the results differ from one person to another, pole dancing certainly helps change the way you look by giving you a more toned physique.

Pole dancing is going through ‘radical’ makeover, but think about it, they will never die out in its place of origin, much like drama will never be lost from its roots in entertainment. Say what you will, as far as God’s Word is concern, holiness and sanctification is always about being separated from the world in a clear manner. 

Let’s see how blinded the churches in our generation are to spiritual truths: I say it will take at least 3 years before the first church will bring in the practice of pole dancing into their worship service.


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