2 Ways 2 Live Tract – 2 Roads


I believe in the use of Christian tracts. I do not believe that one (who has no Christian background or education or exposure) can get converted by merely reading a tract. Tracts just cannot ‘preach’ the gospel at all. It can illicit interest and questions into the dead soul. But the gospel needs to be preached by the Christian believer. 

Having said that, there are few tracts that are good in presenting the outline of the gospel, and even less that are sound doctrinally. I am currently still impressed by Matthias Media’s 2 Ways 2 Live tracts, that has been around for years. Note that they do not ‘affirm’ a person to be a Christian by merely praying to God for help (which the 4 Spiritual Laws do – Arminian theology), instead they want the seeker to search out Christians to know more about the gospel. The reader is given a rough guideline of what they ought to do (mind, will and emotion). 

Heard something today which made me rethink whether a clearer Gospel outline presentation is possible given the size of tracts and usability of it. A tract can be very useful when you are actually preaching the gospel to a person. It forces you to be succint, not wordy and to be clear on the main points. For that reason, I am certain better tracts can still be made. My thoughts go back to Spurgeon’s booklet to seekers entitled All of Grace. Hmmm… very interesting to think on this.



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