Essential Christian Change

For the Christian, change is a big matter. On the one hand, true Christians (in opposition to mere ‘labellers’) do not change in their fundamental understanding of God and Salvation. But on the other hand, true Christians have a lot of change in store in their thinking (development) and actions (maturity). Our allegiance do not change (just as a toddler who grows up). Our character must change (to be more holy). 

It is laughable, thus, when the pulpit is not preaching the Gospel of Christ that spurs believers to a conformity to our Lord’s character. Preaching… not teaching. Preaching to disturb the souls of the church members, and to coerce them by the Spirit’s work, to action. 

Instead, it is presumed that people are changing, without real biblical, expository, heart-rending preaching that challenges believers. This presumption creates a lot of presumption on the part of the attendees; to the point where a sanctified life is the last thing that a believer would want to ‘change to’. They want to come to Jesus as they are AND stay as they are forever. That is just not acceptable and frankly, a real heresy.

I find Acts 15 encouraging and challenging for this reason. It hits on this wrong perception in the christian church, which is still prevalent among mainstream evangelical protestant christian churches in Malaysia.


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