Android Frenzy

Good news for Google’s Android supporters (like myself):


Prepare for an epic showdown between two gnarly gunslingers when the first Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Android phone hits the streets in a couple of weeks. The first shipment of the T-Mobile (NYSE: DT) G1 sold out through preorders from existing T-Mobile subscribers, so the company tripled its order to Taiwanese handset maker HTC. The bigger batch sold out, too.

That means that about 1.5 million G1s are destined to fill preorder sales, in addition to another couple of million sets being earmarked for retail sales. It’s a far cry from the 10 million second-generation iPhones Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) originally hoped to sell this year — it may already have reached that goal, according to the Silicon Valley rumor mill — but it’s a heck of a rush for an unproven software concept on never-before-seen hardware.

I find this very interesting, considering that the form factor for the G1 is less than … erm… attractive! But rumours have it that more Android enabled phones are coming next year, and will be looking like the highly attractive HTC Touch HD. 



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