We have a redundant TV in our study room. Honestly… we have not switched the TV on for… a few months already. But don’t get me wrong here… we do watch TV, just not in the same ‘traditional’ sense. We do it from the computer monitor instead. Going with the times I guess. 

Advantages of downloading your TV series? Plenty: No advertisements. No hassle of waiting for it to show. No subtitles! More variety.

The States are taking advantage of this new change in distribution, with many offering their own versions of series online. 

Currently on our watch list?


  • Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (Season 2, it’s our favourite series since season 1!)
  • Numb3rs (Season 5… as you can see I like geeky stuff)
  • The Big Bang Theory (Comedy… hardcore geeky comedy… Season 2)
  • The Clone Wars (New one that is produced by Lucasfilm Singapore)
  • Cheers (Season 3, Old but gold)
Evaluating (Watched 1 or 2 episodes to see whether it is worth following):
  • Merlin (UK series set in Camelot)
  • Heroes Season 3 (So far… underwelming)
  • Criminal Minds
I cannot believe how geeky this show is 😛

5 thoughts on “Leisure

  1. yeah, it’s geeky alright…what with sci-fi and computer jokes that i don’t comprehend-o most of the time on top of maths & science mumbo jumbo…but funny how i think the show’s very hilarious though! 😛

  2. Ermm…. I think I will be steering myself away from Medical series for at least another year…. Watched way too many ER, Chicago Hope and others for the past few years. Never seem to have recovered from it 😛

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