Church History

is important. It is important because history repeats itself, just as much as Israel’s unfaithfulness reflects the flaw in mankind. Over and over again.

It reveals to us where things go wrong, and where it comes back again. It shows where the answers lie, in the midst of confounding silence wrought by ignorance.

Church history is important.


2 thoughts on “Church History

  1. What resources do you recommend for the “regular” Christian to read up on church history? I find that many even in solid Biblically-sound churches are weak on church history (myself included).

    Personally I found Bruce Shelley’s “Church History in Plain Language” to be pretty helpful.

  2. I found S. M. Houghton’s “Sketches from Church History” to be the best for light reading. Very engaging and sufficient, without being dry (too academic). In fact, I’m going through it a 3rd time now.

    Foxes’ book of Matyrs is also another, if you can get an updated version for the english.

    P.S. the former book is banned in Malaysia because of some references to Islam.

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