Honesty on True Christian Conversion

A good friend of mine passed me this to evaluate. The first 5 minutes is merely an intro on the performance given during the conference. The gist of the message comes after that. 

This is not a new message to Reformed Christians, which I really thank God for. However, this is still the common belief among general mainstream evangelicals (Baptist, Brethren assemblies, Methodists, Anglicans) around the world. 

Paul Washer was criticised for saying what many true bible believing Christians who are well-taught ought to know: merely repeating or mouthing a prayer does not save a person. I am glad that he also pointed out Romans 10:9, the verse which many have taken out of context, justifying the modern evangelism style that permeates most Christian cultures. 

And he is spot on in mentioning the heresy of not being able to judge a book by it’s cover, for we are to do so. I have heard many Christians saying that “You cannot say so and so person is not a Christian, because he has said the ‘sinner’s prayer’ and therefore he is saved.” (fullstop). Ridiculous of course. 

Some would even go so far as saying that you cannot say that there were people who ‘look’ Christians, but are actually not in the assembly of the church. A chief example is shown of Ananias and Sapphira, who were not disciplined, but punished by God and shown their false profession of faith as a result. Those who have gone out from Paul and into the world were clearly false professors. And those who were not on Moses’ side during the golden calf incident died in their sins, condemned for their wrong faith. (I suspect that those who are not able to make clear distinctions of these matters reveal a lack or flaw in their look of salvation and what true grace and faith is all about).

God makes it clear that He knows His sheep… not we. And therefore it can be a surprised to see false professors among us, but it never catches Him by surprise at all. You can only understand this properly if you have a good grasp of the Doctrines of Grace.

So watch this long (55 minutes) message and see how a missionary laments the backwardness of his own home country. Thank you, Mr. Washer for being honest on a matter that is so crucial to Christians all around the world.


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