Key to the Book of Revelation

Aptly written by the ever intelligent yet humble William Hendriksen:

Christ, in this vision, is walking among the seven lampstands, and toward the end of the chapter we are given a little commentary, namely: that the stars which the Lord holds in His right hand are the angels of the churches, the messengers or ministers as we would say today, and the lamps themselves represent those churches. Immediately, therefore, we are given a key to the interpretation of the Book of Revelation. Those good people who say that everything in this book has to be interpreted literally are in conflict with what the book itsel says. It says that symbols are being used.

from “Half-hours with William Hendriksen,
Stirring Devotional Surveys of Romans, Philippians, Luke and Revelation with other gems.”
Wakeman Trust 2007 

And he is absolutely right. In spite of what Macarthur might say on this. I am grateful that I did not come into the book with any preconceptions or teaching. In fact, I was taught based on the Dispensationalism framework for the book when I got converted. However, I always had a reservation of not fully able to accept it (due to a few factors; main one being… I was a young convert), and thus was open to the whole subject. 

When I read about Covenant Theology and saw the framework it presented, almost immediately it clicked to me what the flaws were in Dispensationalism’s view on this matter. Thank God for Hendriksen, for he gave words to that main point that I found hard to put down in words. 


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