Out of Malaysia?

9 out of 10 times when I get into a conversation about studying in Melbourne for nearly 3 years, people will always ask “Why did you not stay in Melbourne/Australia? Did you not get to work there?”


I cannot remember who, but I believe it was an old preacher who once told me… “I’ve been to many different countries and seen so many things around the world… but you know what? They are all the same.”

I think he captured the essence of what most people who came back to Malaysia would say; the grass always look greener over the other side of the fence. But in reality, people are always people, and there is no perfectly safe or secure place in this world.

*Reminds me of the episode where Will (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) was shot by a robber. At his bed, and with a smirk he tells his mum, “Just think, I moved out here (Bel-Air) from Philly cause we thought it was too dangerous…”

Funny, but sadly true!


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