Interesting Questions

These are ‘some’ of the questions that have been ‘bothering’ me for this week:

  • What is the relation between religion and revelation? In how far can we maintain that all religion originates in revelation? Why is it better to speak of general and special, than of natural and supernatural, revelation? Can the necessary manifestations of God as the ground of all existing things, or as the indwelling spirit in all creation, properly be called revelation? What is included in what is generally called natural revelation? Is this revelation static or progressive? Is there any such things as a pure mind, which may serve as an undimmed mirror of natural revelation? How do they who apply the doctrine of evolution to the history of revelation conceive of what we call special revelation? How do the Gentiles testify to the need of special revelation? Does the existence of revelation depend on its subjective apprehension?
  • In how many different senses is the word ‘faith’ used? How do faith and knowledge compare in the estimation of Locke, and in that of Kant? What do the Ritschilians mean when they speak of “faith-knowledge”? Is faith a matter of the intellect, of the will, of the emotions, or of all three combined? How does Calvin work out the doctrine of the testimony of the Holy Spirit? What is the difference between the testimonium Spiritus Sancti generale and speciale? Does the testimony of the Holy Spirit apply to the different parts of the Bible separately?

My brains have been working at 90%+ for the whole week… feel like it’ll explode soon enough. 😛


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