G1 – HTC Dream?

The rumours are spreading like fire throughout the websphere!

The Android-powered device will be manufactured by Taiwan-based HTC and will carry the name G1. G1 is said to have a large, 5-by-3-inch touchsreen display (larger than iPhone’s 3.5-inch multitouch display) and a sliding Qwerty keyboard for those long e-mails, together with a 3-megapixel camera (iPhone 3G has a 2-megapixel camera). This rumoured handset is previously known as HTC Dream and videos depicting it emerged earlier on the Web.

Price-wise, T-Mobile is said to start G1’s pre-sales on Sept. 17 for only $150 with a two-year contract (iPhone 3G has a $199 starting price point). The offer will be open only to current T-Mobile customers for just one week. After this period, in early October, you will be able to grab the device for $250 while the full retail price is slated at $399. Further details on the data plans sold with G1 have not emerged yet.

If the latest rumors are true, we will see on Sept. 17

Full article is from: http://blogs.pcworld.com/staffblog/archives/007446.html

P.S. This is really my hobby ๐Ÿ˜› Mobile phones and more mobile phones… You wouldn’t want me to post the things that I am reading, studying and preparing now would you? ๐Ÿ˜› hahahahhaha…


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